On Birthdays – Take 2

February 18, 2007

I didn’t say this well enough in the last post.  Two paragraphs about me being a miserable sod and one line of thanks doesn’t really measure up.  Sorry about that….

The fact is I really do appreciate my friends, but I’m not sure how to show that sort of thing.  It was nice to be reminded how important it is to have people around who have known me for a long time through ups and downs, as well as folk who I’m still getting to know but who accept you as you are and are fun to be with.

Friends to be serious with and with whom it is easy to relax and have fun.
Friends to pray with.
Friends older and younger, married or single, with kids or with cats…
Friends who I have been able to rely on and, I would like to think some who have been able to rely on me.

All very important to me!  So, whether you could make it along to remind me I’m old(er) or not I want anyone who counts me as a friend to know they are deeply appreciated.