choice vs change

January 31, 2007

There is a discussion going around some church blogs…

Jenny said (and I’m quoting out of context, go and read the post)

“There are many in my church who chose not to go to a particular service because of it’s content, thus go another church service in order to be taught on that particular morning, and this happens on a regular basis.”

Then Gill responded (again, I’m picking and choosing here)

“A Church like St Silas is set up to embrace a wide range of views and styles of worship and services. [snip] … but there is a particular preacher who I will avoid if I know they are going to speak, so perhaps I am just writing all this in an attempt to justify myself! However, I wonder how exactly God is served or glorified by me sitting for 30 minutes plus in utter confusion. ”

So here is my 2p worth:

I think it is a good thing that people who are committed members of St Silas opt in to or out of certain services. Because the alternative would be that they are either forced to attend services they don’t like or every service must be to everyone’s taste.

At St Silas we are blessed with the ‘yes’ and ‘lets try that’ attitude that has allowed things like

* an evening praise service
* non liturgical service
* an all age service
* an alternative worship service
* a youth service
* sitting in rows or in the round or on the floor or moving around
* no service at all, but a concert or ceilidh or drama  instead

Sometimes these have not worked as well as expected but they have always been chances to learn.  And compare that to stores of churches where moving a lectern a few feet has to go through committees for months and even them half the church don’t agree with the decision.

I am glad that we don’t have a congregation (at least as far as I am aware) who don’t dig in their heals for what they are ‘comfortable’ with and leadership who can cope well with those who do object.  Obviously, I would hope that if people thought things were unbiblical or completely against the will of God then that is the time to stand up and resist anything like that, but we are talking about ‘taste’ and ‘style’ here.

Personally, I choose to ‘opt out of’ the 9am service.  Not because I don’t like the style, tradition, words, people or anything else – but because it is at 9am on a Sunday and generally I try to be asleep at that time!  I also opt out of the 7am Wednesday prayer meeting, Tots ‘n’ co, Women4Women, etc. for various (and obvious) reasons.

I am glad that people find something at St Silas worth committing to rather than insisting that everything is to their liking.

PC or MAC ?

January 29, 2007

I try to walk the line between PC and MAC sometimes.  I work almost exclusively  with PCs all day – desktops, mobiles and servers all PC, all Windows.  I do have experience with Unix and even OS/2 but most of my work like is Windows based.

At home, I use MAC.

The original reason was  (and still is to  a great extent) to do professional level video work.  However, it is just more pleasant to use.  I don’t have to mess around with settings or get distracted by configuring this and that and trying to get connected to stuff….

Anyway, there is a series of MAC ads featuring Mitchell & Webb.  Links to all of them I could find is below, however this is my favourite.

Seating solutions for church…

January 27, 2007

I’ve found something we need to investigate for Deeper…


According to Gizmod “German furniture purveyor , looking like a cross between a yellow caterpillar and a futon. Its segmented form factor gives you lots of choices, rolling it out as far as you dare, or storing it away to clear the floor…”

I think it is compulsory to wear black to sit on this and look cool. So, having to wear black, the price tag of 2969:20Eros (around £1955) and difficulty in storage means that it probably isn’t worth getting one for each person at a Deeper service.

Meanwhile, this….

health and safety nightmare

…just looks like a Health and Safety nightmare.

More details of these and other innovative strangeness at:

Internet Tech Support

January 26, 2007

Found this on YouTube… very entertaining Tech Support sketch.

direct link:

(MAC fans wait for the last line)

Back from Deep Impact

January 25, 2007

Meanwhile, back in Glasgow I missed the first Deeper service of a series studying the letters to the 7 churches from the start of Revelations.  Last night we had the monthly Deeper planning meeting and from this and other people I’ve heard that Sunday night went really well.

It certainly passed the key questions of:  Did anyone die?  Was there a fire?   Basically if the answer to those questions are ‘no’ and there has been no other need to call emergency services then the event went well.  Any other complaints or concerns can be dealt with in some way.  Perhaps this is a throw back to being involved in youth events and I shouldn’t be thinking this in the context of a ‘normal’ worship service but it is a useful base line :-)

There has been some good feedback to the two videos made for Deeper, which is always good, and now I have to make one of the ’email videos’ for each of the series.  Also, no one has mentioned being distracted or botherd that we were filming Gordon’s talk.  We are looking at ways of making teaching resources to go with each letter/topic as we go along.

At Deep Impact

January 25, 2007

As previously mentioned, I spent the weekend in Aviemore at Deep Impact 2007.  Here is a time-lapse video of us setting up the ‘tech desk’ at the start of the weekend.  I hope to get around to uploading more photos and perhaps even put together a short video of the worship, but I haven’t even looked at the footage yet.

if you can’t see above, the video is…

This photo at least shows the front of house set up,  we were able to set up three projectors.  Which meant that we had the middle screen for song words, while the side screens were dedicated to video to ‘enhance’ worship.  We certainly had good feedback from people saying it was good, but the sight lines weren’t ideal and not knowing the band too well made it hard to fit things too tightly.

Deep River at Deep Impact 2007

On the down side, I had put a lot of work into getting some product ready and we only made one sale.  I think we gave away about 100-150 sample CDs and leaflets, so the next few weeks might bring some interest.

Meanwhile, back here there is a pile of video work waiting to be done.  I’m a little daunted by the shear amount of stuff to be done and need to get a handle on this soon.

Off to Deep Impact

January 18, 2007
Deep Impact is “Scotlands National Youthwork Training event. For those in voluntary or paid Youthwork.” I’m working there providing visuals for the main sessions as part of DeepRiver and along side GBR, as well as having a resources stand to show off our stuff. DeepImpact logo

I find youthwork events difficult now that I’m not involved in regular youthwork any more, but it will be good to catch up with some folk. The worst thing about this weekend – worse than having to share a room with someone I don’t know and not knowing if his snoring will keep me awake or the other way around – This is a Deeper weekend. Not only is this a Deeper weekend it is the first weekend of a new series of Deeper services based around the ‘letters to the churches’ from Revelation.

Really disappointed to miss this and I hope (HINT HINT) someone might take some pics, and write something that I can put in the archive…. So, off to Aviemore and no idea if there will be wifi or time to use it.

Steve Jobs

January 15, 2007

I like everything I’ve seen about the iPhone.  But this video of Steve Jobs on Saturday Night Live makes it look even better…

24 Day 6 – 6 days ( is that zen? )

BBC News pictures

January 6, 2007
screen grab from bbc web site I feel a fraud! Mainly because although it was my camera and I was there and I downloaded the photo and submitted it and all that… Isabel actually took this pic because I was doing video at the time.

I also didn’t know that they would quote from the email as I would have said something more chearful than “the best New Year for a long time” sounds like I’ve never had a good Hogmanay… ohh dear.

But hey, I got a mention on the BBC News pages and not in a bad way :-)

I’m glad they used this photo becuase the guy shown seemed to be one of the key organisers and it didn’t look like it was his first time. I’ve thought about submitting a photo to the BBC web site for a while, shame it’s not all my own work.

Other photos from Hogmanay are…

Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony

January 5, 2007

I put together this five min video of the Fireball Ceremony to remember New Year 2006/7 and as a tribute to Rock God!


(if it doesn’t appear above, view directly on YouTube)