24 Lost ?!

February 24, 2007

I’ve been with NTL for six years – I wouldn’t recommend them because their customer services are crap!  Now they seem to have been bought over by Virgin and have been re-branded as Virgin Media.  Fair enough, I’ve always liked the Virgin brand since first discovering the biggest music shop in Glasgow way back in the 80s.

So, good news, they can’t be any worse and must have some new innovations.

But, now I have a massive dilemma!

BBC News Online

Depending on the spin, it looks like Sky are pulling various channels from being broadcast by Virgin Media.  This wouldn’t bother me much as the majority of Sky One is repeats but then there is 24!!!

What to do?  Switch to Sky who I think are trying to bully Virgin Media customers to switch just for the sake of one show.   Or give the Virgin brand a chance to prove themselves in this market?  At the moment, I can’t even find out when these channels will disappear, so I’m not sure what to do.

Of course in an ideal world the BBC would be able to pay for the top premium shows that seem to get snapped up by the Sky.  Then instead of paying for a digital subscription on top of the licence fee there could just be a premium licence fee for additional shows.

Can I survive without 24, especially as we aren’t even half way thought Day6!?  If only Jack Bauer could knock Branson and Murdoc heads together and sort things out.