Street View fun

March 21, 2009

Google Street View was launched in the UK this week, so like many people I had a look around my area to see if I had been caught picking my nose or scratching myself.  However, I don’t seem to be around my flat, I’m not in the coffee shop or walking about the neighborhood.  I’m not driving because I found where my car was parked.  So basically I have no idea where I am on Street View.

streetview-woodlandsWhat I did find just around the corner was that there was a comfy chair ‘at’ the bus stop around the corner.  I remember this being there for a few weeks,  it doesn’t seem to have been picked up by any of the papers as one of the odd things to find on streetview, but I like it and wonder how long it will be there and if those hilarious drunken students(*) who played this prank know that their hard work has been recorded in this way.

streetview-woodlands2(*) ok so it may not have been students, or indeed drunk and call me boring but I don’t think it is hilarious either I have just typecast them – it’s my blog, I can do that.

Photos from Carol Service

December 8, 2008

I’ve added some photos from the carol service ( and a few from the sale/craft fair on Saturday) to the St Silas FLICKR group.


I’ve been jellied!

February 6, 2007

The strangest things happen at night. I don’t blame ‘kids’ or ‘young people nowadays’ or even ‘students, I simply blame alcohol.

You see, a few days ago (Friday or Saturday night) a plastic table looking thing appeared in the common grass area that runs down the middle of the street. I didn’t pay much attention to this as random items like this tend to be moved from place to place by folk who pick something up for fun and then five minutes later can’t remember why they have it – or perhaps wake up the next day with a traffic cone in their bed. So there was an upside down, moulded, plastic table outside my flat – fair enough.

This morning I found a large lump of jelly on the bonnet of my car.

That isn’t a sentence I ever thought I would have to write. There is of course a question of why did someone put jelly on my car but what puzzled me more was, how come someone was wandering around with a big lump of jelly?

This question has been bothering me all day. Then, tonight as I passed the aforementioned table I noticed that it had remains of jelly in it. It looks like the base of this table (it could be something else but it looks like a table to me) was used as a giant jelly mould and then dumped in the street, or stolen and abandoned. Subsequently someone decided to ‘liberate’ large lumps of jelly and distribute this among various cars.

What a strange, mad, mental world!

Anyway, now I need to find a car wash.

Carols by Candlelight (prep)

December 16, 2006

Mark and I spent around eight hours sorting things out in church today getting ready for this year’s Carols by Candlelight service. Past years (pics here) have involved multiple screens, live drama, simulated, dramatised and slightly disturbing ‘birth scene’, large choirs, soloists, specially written songs, and videos. Over the years we gradually increased the use of technology, from one PC running long and complicated powerpoint presentations to… well, tomorrow we will have four operators running sound, visuals and lighting with:

3 PCs, 1 Mac, 4 DVD players, 2 Video Mixers, 3 projectors, 2 video monitors, 8 preview monitors, 4 video amplifiers of various sizes, a 8×8 video Matrix, lots of cables, 4 Scans, 4 Dichroic lights, 12 other lights, digital lighting desk, dimmers, and a pile of stuff I can’t remember and some effects I don’t want to spoil ahead of time and I haven’t even included audio.

Christmas DVD BTW: those specially recorded Christmas Dramatised Readings filmed in and around Glasgow for St Silas Carols by Candlelight two years ago are now available on DVD from DeepRiver – and at ‘all good bookshops’.  By ‘all good bookshops’ I actually mean Wesley Owen Glasgow, who agreed to stock 10 DVDs as a trial. Also, as we didn’t do this till a week or so ago it is probably too late for anyone organising a Carol Service and I don’t think we will sell many.

So what do we have planned for this year’s carol service? I am giving nothing away!

It is difficult to get a perspective on things like this when you are so involved (which is why I am often asking people what they think of Deeper). I hope that there is a ‘buzz’ about the carol service. One of the tricky things when we get together to plan this service (and I suppose Deeper in a slightly different way) is trying to do something new while keeping the look and feel of the service so that regulars Silas-ites will grow to trust the service and be confident inviting friends – know what to expect.  Also, we talk about not wanting to do a one off, pull out all the stops event that doesn’t reflect what church is like week in week out.

We will find out soon enough.  Tomorrow is the final set up, rehearsals, technical run through, catering people getting things ready, stewards welcoming and keeping us safe, Jenny getting all the singers and musicians organised, and David finding something new to say about God becoming human.

But the really exciting thing is… will people bring friends?  Will folk from the community come in due to the hand delivered invites?  What will God do tomorrow?


August 11, 2006

Biblocafe sign

The best coffee shop in the west end now has a blog

I think it is the best coffee shop because:

  • it isn’t part of a giant conglomerate
  • it has regular friendly staff who make the effort to remember you and what kind of coffee you like
  • it sell books and re-cycle your old books for you
  • it isn’t $tarbuck$
  • it is by far the closest coffee shop from my house and it really would be hard to get any closer.

… but feel free to disagree and buy me a coffee somewhere else :- )

West End Festival 2006 (part 2)

June 19, 2006

Gibson Street Party [see photos on FLICKR]
this is the second year that Gibson Street and Eldon Street have been closed down for a Street Party as part of the West End Festival. This was great fun and the church had a better chance of getting involved. All the businesses in the area (mostly pubs, cafes and restaurants anyway) spread out into the street setting up BBQs and portable kitchens.

There is also a lot of music. Most places seemed to take the easy route of having a DJ go nuts pumping out dance music to a crowd that was never going to dance, but there were also a couple of stages for bands and solo singers to do their stuff. My favourite (OK the only one I really got into all day) was the Clan Wallace Band [warning, slow link]- one piper and four drummers with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Here is a short Quick Time movie.

Outside the church we had a stall sampling fair trade delights – we were giving away (mostly although people don't always like that concept and insist on paying) tea, coffee, juice, chocolates, cooking made with fair trade ingredients – all that sort of thing. Meanwhile inside the church there was lots going on, a cafe, 2nd hand books to browse, a kids movie, etc. as well as people getting ready for the Deeper service that evening.A highlight of the day for me was getting hold of a couple of PureGlasgow Tshirts. I first saw these at last year's street party and although you can get them on line I was waiting for this years to finally pick up some more. I like the design (although I do not in any way condone the climbing onto or damaging in any way of any of Glasgow's monuments). Fair Trade at Church

Pure Glasgow stall

A good day – the weather could have been better but not the atmosphere. And at the end of all that we had a Deeper service all about being a dwelling place and being in fellowship with one another. Right off to bed me thinks.

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Woodlands Community

June 14, 2006

Finally managed to get around to spending some time on pulling together a half decent web site for Woodlands Community. I have decided to move away from html editing and managing a web site in all the old fashioned ways and just use blogging tools. In this case wordpress (which also hosts this blog).

We had a community council meeting today and with the west end festival going on (street party next sunday) it seemed about time that that something is done. I still have a lot to add – in particular trying to find a good way to post images as I don't want to manage another FLICKR site in addition to my own photos and the church photos. Hmm, needs some thought.

Of course behind all this is the ultimate question of can a physical or geographical community also exist and flourish as an online community? Who will be disenfranchised as more of everyday life goes online? Will a group of people who live in an area but only communicate online see themselves as a community? What is community?