On Birthdays

February 17, 2007

I don’t do birthdays very well.

My outlook on things in general tends not to be “glass half empty” but more “glass half empty, and the water isn’t worth touching, it probably wont taste very nice, might have been there for a while, the glass probably has a leak in it and if we lift it up the water will go all over you and turn out not to be water but some kind of acid that will burn right through your skin .. till .. you die…” a kind of extreme pessimism. glass half empty

“for every silver lining there is a cloud”

When it comes to birthdays I don’t automatically think that it will be a good excuse for a party. On the lead up to the day itself if people ask me what I would like to do I tend not to be very forthcoming, as I would rather dig a hole and stay in it till the event has passed. However I was persuaded to do something last night and it worked out really well.

So a big thanks to everyone who could make it, (especially all the way from Manchester!) now all I have to do is get through the left over cake.