Follow the links…

February 11, 2007

Blogging is a strange thing.  I’ve had a web site for a long time and it has always been a place for me to keep notes, links, files, etc. somewhere that I could always get to them.  Then to make the process simpler last year I switched to keeping my stuff on a blog as it was much easier to work with.  It also meant that I could keep notes of what I thought of a movie or keep something interesting I found on line.  One of the many things that blog providers give is information on how people get to your blog.  In particular if a page has a link tomy blog then it is known as a referrer.  I noticed that my referrers list has growen recently.

Generally speaking top of this list has always been GadgetVicar (like the new photo BTW),  WordPress and Bloglines.  Which makes sense.  More recently Simon Varwell’s page, Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying (the longest blog name I know of), Board to Certain Death, ClanKidz… these I kind of understand, we refer to each other in blogs, and know one another so cool.

Then I discovered:

so, my mission now is to try to discover who they are?

POPPADOM – links to GadgetVicar, me, M0ok, SimonVarwell and “the scottish lemon” and her ‘about me’ says “Married to m0ok” so the plot thickens…

M0OK – links to the above and lots more…  (including which has recently bloged one of my videos!!!) but very few clues to the identity of m0ok?

THISISMYVERYOWN – lynzy, who has taken a much more open approach to identity than m0ok, poppadom and myself.  And who is a referrer because of a link to the Deeper pages.

This is great.  St Silas is too big to know everyone, blogspace is even bigger and yet these connections and blogrolls link us all together and I spent the evening finding out about other people I worship with.  Even if I can’t put a face (or name) to them :-)

It has also made me think about the anonymity of blogging.  Obviously some people who know me know I blog, some don’t and some I wouldn’t want to but I’m not sure why.  So although there are enough hints to figure out how to find me, my email address isn’t obvious and you would have to dig a lot to find pictures of me.  I need to give this some thought, however in the mean time if lynzy, m0ok or poppadom are around on Sunday and can track me down come and say hi!

Lastly:  on my travels around blogspace I found that The Scottish Lemon had posted these two videos taken at the St Silas carol service 2006 and this blog