99 Ways to Tell a Story

February 25, 2007

99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden

Just finished this fascinating little book – thanks Ross. It’s a cartoon (or graphic novel if you feel posh) format, which isn’t something I’ve ever been heavily into but this doesn’t take away from the concept.

Based on original work by the French writer and poet Raymond Queneau the idea is to take a simple story (in this case a one-page 8 frame comic) and tell it in 99 different ways, some obvious, some very obscure, abstract, strange and funny. The web site Exercises in Style give some sample pages and give a good idea of how it works but working through all the variations is worth the effort.


Hopefully some of this might rub off on my video work and I’ll be able to twist things up a bit. However, I still can’t think of many more ways of presenting the ‘email videos’ I’m working on at the moment.