Movie: Hot Fuzz

February 19, 2007

Hot FuzzEdgar Wright (co-writer & director) and Simon Pegg (co-writer & actor) team up for another fantastic British comedy. Shaun of the Dead was a great movie for its horror mixed with comedy and again Hot Fuzz bridges those genres very well, while keeping it all very British. The story, put in its simplest and non-spoiler way is about a by-the-books extremely efficient policeman sent to a backwater country town where nothing ever happens (apparently). The outcome is fantastic.

The cast is immense if often underused with cameos from too many quality actors and comics to mention. There is a lot of homage paid to some of the best known US ‘buddy-cop’ movies but these are referenced so directly (i.e. the characters talk about and even watch their favourite cop movies) that you don’t have to know these films before hand. The final ‘show down’ is so fantastic because it all takes place in such a normal peaceful little town. Great film – go and see it now, then pre-order the DVD as soon as you can! hot fuzz

There are lots of fantastic lines to quote but some give away too much so I’ll only put up this one:

“If you wanna be a big cop in a small town.. then *beep* off up the model village”

Deeper – 18 Feb 2006

February 19, 2007

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