The Tomb of Jesus

February 28, 2007

There’s been a lot of talk about another one of those ‘the bible isn’t true, look here we can prove it’ things.  This one is based around the recent ‘archaeological discovery of the Tomb of Jesus’ – yea right.  Oh and apparently the tomb of his wife and child, cat, dog, baby sitter and financial advisor…  do I sound cynical?

However, the best comment I’ve read so far has to be from Scott Adams [The Dilbert Blog] who said:

I can imagine the moment they removed the lid and looked in. If it were me, I’d wonder if I was going to see one of the following:

1. Nothing
2. Decomposed stuff
3. Jesus sitting up and saying, “What in Dad’s name took you so long?”

read full article here it’s worth it…

I predict that this show will have a lot of “here is what the Bible says but what if…” and then “this could mean the end of Christianity…”,  and the odd “we are now much more enlightened, intelligent and advanced than those who wrote the bible…” and perhaps ending in “we can’t actually prove any of this, but it is interesting isn’t it”..

It looks like this will air on Discovery on Sunday at 9pm.  However, it is up against the 10th hour of 24 and I have no idea what will happen to Jack Bauer, so I think I’ll watch that instead.  [update: now that SKY has pulled the plug on cable customers I might end up watching this after all … or go to the pub after church – decisions, decisions ]

[*] I’m not going to link to The Discovery Channel site, because it is crap.  It started launching video clips and flashy stuff for no reason and just got on my nerves – a good TV channel but crappy web site – don’t go there.