Review of 2017

January 2, 2018

The annual summary of stuff wot I have blogged about…

(see also 200920102011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 )

This blog originally included a lot more about what I did or thought, now it is mainly ‘reviews’ of books read and only really so that I can check if I have already read something.  Enjoy…

Movies watched at Cinema (well this year was two trips to the little cinema at Crieff Hydro, but every little counts)

Events (anything significant to remember)


  • 2017 totals:
    331 rides
    169 days active
    153 hours
    1749 miles
    63635 ft gain
  • 26th March 2017: Wattbike No Excuses Falkirk Sportive
    : 45 miles : Moving 3h:58 : Total 5h:26
    : Elevation 2416 ft : Av Speed: 11.4 mph : Max Speed: 34.4 mph
  • 29th April 2017: Tearfund Drumlanrig Challenge
    : 57 miles : Moving 4h:42 : Total 5h:21
    : Elevation: 3040 ft : Av Speed: 12.2 mph : Max Speed: 30 mph
  • 10th Sept 2017: Pedal for Scotland
    : 45 miles : Moving 3h:34 : Total 4h: 03
    : Elevation 2142ft : Av Speed: 12.3mph : Max Speed: 33 mph

BOOKS read this year….


  • Feb: Dunoon (50th long weekend)
  • March: Crieff Hydro
  • June: Craig Tara caravan weekend
  • (June: Lewis went camping with Granny and Grandpa)
  • July: Lake District
  • July: Isle of Lewis
  • Sept: Tayview Lodges with Reddicks
  • Oct: Sa Coma, Mallorca (First foreign family holiday)

Other Highlights:

  • Jan: started YouTube channel for Gaelic Nursery Books
  • Feb: new bike – Specialised Diverge A1
  • Turned 50!
  • April: Lewis 4
  • April: Resigned from Vestry and left St Silas after 25 years
  • June: New Dishwasher
  • Aug: New Washing Machine
  • Oct: Sa Coma, Mallorca First foreign family holiday
  • Nov: Rachel 1
  • Nov: Rachel Dedicated (and we joined) APBC
  • Dec: Joined Parent Council at SGG

Youtube uploads:

Running Totals:

  • 2009 – 23 books – 6 Movies – 4 gigs/events
  • 2010 – 33 books – 13 Movies – 10 gigs/events – 6 meals – 4 holidays
  • 2011 – 18 books – 2 Movies – 3 gigs/events – 1 meals – 3 holidays
  • 2012 – 16 books – 7 Movies – 3 gigs/events – 3 meals – 4 holidays
  • 2013 – 8 books – 2 Movies – 0 gigs/events – 1 meals – 2 holidays – 1 Son
  • 2014 – 1 books – 3 Movies – 2 gigs/events – 4 holidays
  • 2015 – 18 books – 2 Movies – 2 gigs/events – 3 holidays – 6 videos
  • 2016 – 34 books – 2 Movies – 1 events – 4 holidays – 4 videos – 1416 miles cycled – 1 daughter
  • 2017 – 25 books – 2 Movies – 1 event – 7 holidays – 3 videos – 1749 miles cycled

Book: Leslie Charteris “Enter The Saint”

December 30, 2017

While I remember the Saint TV series I prefer the B-Movies from the 30’s and 40’s however I’ve never tried reading the original stories.

This collection of three novellas was first published in 1930.  Charters second Saint book where Simon Templar starts to get in his stride.  The stories are “The Man Who Was Clever”,  “The Policeman With Wings”  and “The Lawless Lady”.

Disappointingly I found these stories a bit laboured.  I enjoyed the 1930s environment, the slap dash nature of The Saint and a few other things but…  well it was slow, repetitive and a bit boring.

Book: Michael Connelly “Two Kinds Of Truth”

December 30, 2017

Another Harry Bosch novel from Connelly!  Fantastic.

Harry is now retired, but a volunteer working cold cases for the San Fernando police.  Due to his experience he is pulled into the case of  two killings at a local pharmacy.  Bosch and the town small detective squad work this case at the same time as one of his old cases comes back to haunt him.

In the old case a murderer is about to be freed from death row due to new DNA evidence but also claiming that Bosch planted evidence.

As ever with Connelly the “two unrelated cases wind around each other like strands of barbed wire”.

Gig: Alice Cooper SSE Hydro 12 Nov 2017

December 9, 2017

Book: Lawrence Block “When the Sacred Ginmill Closes” (Matthew Scudder 6)

December 8, 2017

even worse than the last one – giving up on this author.

Book: Lawrence Block “Eight Million Ways to Die” (Matthew Scudder 5)

December 8, 2017

Writing this some time after finishing the book and really nothing has stayed with me from it.  I started to get fed up with this character in the previous book and this didn’t help.  Spends too much time describing the drinking and not enough on the plot.

Book: Lawrence Block “A Stab in the Dark” (Matthew Scudder 4)

September 29, 2017

So I’m working through the Matthew Scudder series by Lawrence Block.  With some authors I read everything they publish in published order, other times I follow a single chracter and don’t care much if the author has other characters in his playbook.  That’s the approach here.  The Matthew Scudder novels so far are ok, I’m not enjoying the character as much as Harry Bosch or say Jack Reacher because there isn’t as much unraveling of the investigation.  But so far they are interesting enough to keep me working through the series.

bookIn this book the father of a murder victim Barbara Ettinger comes to Matt Scudder for help.  His daughter was the victim of ice-pick wielding serial killer who murdered 8 women nine years ago and was never caught.  Until now when recently released from a mental institution he is randomly picked up for carrying an ice pick and freely admits to the murders carried out nine years previously.  However, he only claims 7 murders and was locked up at the time of Barbara Ettinger‘s murder.  So the father who has come to terms with his daughter having been murdered by a serial killer has now to face the fact that someone she knew may have killed her and used the ice-pick murders at the time to make it look like another serial killer victim.

Scudders, often drunken, investigation is facinating turning up new leads on a long cold case.  This was a positive page turner and showed a lot more facets to Scudder’s character than the previous novels.