book: Jack Higgins “Pay the Devil”

Jack Higgins is an excellent thriller writer with numerous best sellers, both ‘one-offs’ and serials.  I’ve read a number of his books, mostly featuring the same character and none for a while.  But when I saw “Pay The Devil” I didn’t even read the cover but decided to go for it.

It turned out to be very different from the other books being set in the 19th century rather than contemporary times.  The story starts at the end of the American Civil War, following the adventures of Confederate Colonel Clay Fitzgerald who escapes to Ireland where he has inherited an estate.  What Clay finds when he arrives is wealthy English landlords abusing the poor tenants on their land, taking everything in rent and keeping them in inhumane conditions.

The country is ready for an uprising and Clay finds himself forced to choose sides.

Higgins is an excellent writer, keeping the pace of a novel just right and maintaining interest throughout.  Not a bad little purchase in Asda for £1 :-)

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