books: Danny Wallace “Awkward Situations for Men”

January 10, 2011

What are “Awkward Situations for Men” ?  It seems almost anything can quickly become ‘awkward’ to the contemporary British male.  For Danny it was anything to meeting a friend’s baby (and comparing it to Hitler), going to a public loo (and then not needing to ‘go’) and discovering that you like wearing pajamas (and being caught doing so by your partner).

I have previously read “Join Me: The True Story of a Man Who Started a Cult by Accident” and “Yes Man” by Danny Wallace which are both fantastically funny books!  This book is just as funny, but it is worth knowing it is a different type of book.  Danny writes about things that happen to him, like accidentally starting a cult or agreeing to anything and everything by only saying ‘Yes’ …  however ‘Awkward Situations for Men‘ is a collection of his columns in the free “Shortlist” magazine so rather than being a single narrative each chapter in this book is a little story in its own right.  Provided you are aware of that you shouldn’t be disapointed.

Danny Wallace’s humour is hugely observational in style and many of the situations he finds himself in become ‘awkward’ because of the British sense of correct manners and behaviour.  I am hugely tempted to give a number of examples but will refrain – read the book!