2010 – how did I get on?

January 1, 2011

At the start of this year I wrote a blog post simply called “2010” which was more or less some of the things I hoped to do and achieve this year.  So time to see how I got on, I said:

I would like to go to more movies!
well, I’ve been to 13 this/last year, which is more than double 2009 so that’s a win!  I doubt very much I will be able to keep up that number simply because I was given a GFT membership last year for Christmas and went to a number of movies there on my own which I can’t see happening this year, but not to worry I achieved it this year.

I would like to see more live music.
In 2009 I went to 4 gigs, while in 2010 I managed 6 music gigs plus a couple of trips to the theater and other events.  These were all great (well I didn’t think much of Snow Patrol, but lets not get into that).  I would really like to continue this somehow.

Be able to play Bass with some confidence.
Well this just hasn’t happened.  At the turn of last year I had just started messing around with the Bass and I was doing OK, but then I started dating, time pressure squeezed out any thoughts of practice and then finally I decided to totally shelf this for the time being rather than feeling guilty about it.  So for now this is off the agenda but you never know…

Do more VJing.
I had a couple of great opportunities to VJ this year and we have certainly dialed in the setup we use to something which almost always doesn’t completely fail.  I haven’t done much development of new footage and material which might be a good thing to focus on next year?

Use Time better
This was the most interesting one for me to look back on because I said things like “see more of my Sister”, “visit family in Lewis” and “proper holiday”….  I think I have managed this and all thanks to my wonderful ex-girlfriend, current fiancee and soon to be ‘other-half’ who is very good at making me get off my backside and do things with friends and family.

So, I don’t think I’ve done too bad with the things that I hoped and planned for at the start of this year. There were of course a number of things I had no idea would happen at that point which shaped the year just gone…  what will 2011 bring?

Review of 2010

January 1, 2011

Time to sum up what I’ve been doing (or at least blogging about) this year…

It seems like a fairly busy year and I suppose the main reason for that is that this year D’ and I started dating and on the 23 July we got engaged while in St Andrews.  We have set a date for the wedding and since then it sometimes feels like all we are doing or talking about are wedding plans.  However, there have been a few other things going on and here is the summary:


MOVIES watched at the cinema…

RESTAURANTS, blogged about…

BOOKS read this year….

Holidays (a new and exciting section to my blog as I haven’t done much in the way of ‘breaks’ but hope to in the future)…

Jan: London: part work trip to a conference but three days to myself for sight-seeing, concerts and shows. — Day1Day 2aDay2bDay3Day4Day5Day6 — highlights included: Victoria and Albert Museum, National Theater gig – Marcia Mello, British Film Institute, Tate Modern,  St Bride’s Church,  British Museum,  Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields (which isn’t), Broadcasting House, recording of Newsjack in the Radio Theater, Hyde Park, Albert Memorial, the Monmouth Coffee Company, Tower Bridge,

May: York: a quick weekend break in the city of York was great.  I didn’t blog as much as in London (when I was on my own and deliberately trying to do everything I could in as short a time as possible).  This trip was much more relaxed and great fun.Happy New Year!

October: Isle of Lewis: another very quick weekend break in Lewis to visit family and to introduce my fiancee to them and to this beautiful island.  We had great weather for the time of year and took lots of photos.

Nov: Campbeltown: again, just a quick one-night stop over in (well just outside) Campbeltown to visit Grant Logan to choose wedding rings.