book: Nicky & Sila Lee “The Marriage Book”

January 28, 2011

Today is 15 days before our wedding, and I’ve just finished this book.  “The Marriage Book” is closely related to “The Marriage Course” which we did a few months ago through St Silas church.  The book covers the same material as the course but in a little more depth and obviously at the readers own pace.

I tend not to enjoy ‘self help’ or ‘advice’ style books as they are by the very nature of the subject preachy, filled with asides, example stories and not much substance.  Perhaps it was because the concept of Marriage is so important and immediate that I still found this book interesting and easy to pick up and work through.  The topics are worth thinking through, such as forgiveness, conflict resolution, etc. and it is certainly worth both of us reading this (so D’s getting it back to finish this time!).

Now that I’ve read this do I feel more prepared for life after the wedding in 15 days?  No, but I think I know more of the things I need to work on.

Right, I’m off for my Stag Night!