book: Stuart Woods “Dirty Work”

Dirty Work by Stuart Woods is another in the Stone Barrington series of novels. This time Stone is back in New York but the UK Secret Service ‘friends’ he made in London (in “The Short Forever“) turn up in pursuit of (and on the run from) an assassin – La Biche.

As well as the usual fast pace, twisting plot centering around Stone and his friends this has the back story of what turned La Biche into a killer for hire and intent on tracking down and killing a secret service group.  The interesting twist here is that Stone takes a unique stand point from everyone else by trying to communicate with the assassin that everyone else is trying to kill.  Will this help the situation or get him in more trouble.

Again, this is a very well structured, well written, simple novel, quick to read and very enjoyable!  More Stone Barrington!

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