book: Stuart MacBride “Dying Light”

January 24, 2010

Stuart MacBride is a new author to me, but I was recommended this book at my friendly local second hand book shop and coffee shop – Biblocafe. after a conversation about types of crime fiction so always worth a go.

Set in Aberdeen, the story follows DS Logan McRae having a series of bad days.  It turns out this is the second book with this character and that does come across at several points when people refer to things that had happened recently but this doesn’t spoil the main plots – and there are a few.  There’s an arsonist burning down buildings after boarding people inside, prostitutes are being beaten and murdered and a dog is cut up and dumped in a suitcase.  Meanwhile, DS Logan is assigned to ID Steel’s ‘fuck up squad’ where not only do they get the worst cases, but DI Steel seems happy to take all the credit not giving anyone else a chance to move up.

What I most enjoyed about this book is the dry humor at the Police and their general relaxed working procedures, especially when hanging around waiting for something interesting to happen.

The descriptions of Aberdeen and details of the case are fascinating although I would warn that the violence is more than I needed.  As a who-done-it mystery it is structured very well, just giving you enough clues to keep interested but with twists in the right places to keep you guessing.   Stuart MacBride “Dying Light”