What were they thinking?

May 16, 2008

OK, the strangest moment of today’s performance of The Life of Jesus in Kelvingrove park was this wedding couple deciding that it would make a wonderful photograph to pose in front of this actor (who was one of the thieves either side of where Jesus would be).

Wedding Couple at Life of Jesus

Clearly something has been forgotten about exactly what death by Crucifixion means.

As posted previously, I was at the technical run through yesterday and saw most of the play today.  It is well worth catching, very moving in places, well acted and put together…  Catch it Saturday 2pm!  Here’s some more photos that I couldn’t upload yesterday.

Life of Jesus

annoying photographer

life of Jesus

Life of Jesus – causing offense

May 16, 2008

Tonight was the technical rehearsal for The Life of Jesus play which is taking place over the next two days in Kelvingrove Park. I was around to help out the guys doing sound – which for so many actors all using radio mics in three different locations around an open park isn’t an easy task

It has been great weather lately in Glasgow and whenever it is sunny Kelvingrove is full of people. However, lately I’ve given up on it as a place to relax when the weather is good because it seems like everyone there just wants to play their music, smoke (there seems to be more cigarette ends than grass in some places), and drink (which is illegal in the park but poorly enforced) – oh and take a leak in the bushes. So it becomes easier to avoid the place altogether rather than getting wound up by the selfishness of people having a ‘good time’ and not caring what others think.

So it was interesting when as the Life of Jesus actors arrived to start the run through this guy came to us who were obviously among the tech equipment to ask what was happening. He took great offense that what was happening was going to be something to do with Jesus – “you shouldn’t be allowed to do this in public, what right have you got to push that at people” later this changed to “well good luck because EVERYONE who comes to this park will hate this and throw bottles at you” he also claimed to bring his sound set up and play techno at park events which apparently “EVERYONE loves – that’s what people in the park want, not this stuff”

There seemed little point in arguing with him and his generalities but I am glad that for at least a couple of days this year something very positive will be happening in the park and I’m sure I’m not the only person who doesn’t like hanging out there because of he mildly to extremely offensive behavior that is the norm’ the rest of the time.

However, my favorite quote of the evening was from the sound desk area – when it looked like Jesus as speaking from the cross but we couldn’t hear anything – the question came out “Jesus is live?”