Frustrating day

May 4, 2008

It’s been a very frustrating day finishing off a video project that will be shown tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to keep track of how long video projects like this take, but I’m not sure it was a good idea because I kind of resent the 40-50 hours spent editing (not counting how long the initial filming took).  So all those evenings, two Saturdays, most of a Sunday and one and a half days off work, to make what has turned out to be a 17min video that will be shown once.  There is something just not right about this ratio, but I can’t see how to cut it.

Today, even though the general look of the video was finalised on Thursday there was still all those annoying little techy things that people don’t notice, but would see if it wasn’t done – trying to get the colours to match across different shots and trying to get the audio mix level from start to finish.  That done as best I could I started to run into problems outputting the 16:9 (widescreen) format which kept being converted to 4:3 and then when I finally cracked it and was 90% through outputting the video -which takes over an hour- when I got an email response from Mobigratis which gave me access to a better quality version of the track I’d used.  So I stepped back a few hours and started that process again with the better track.

And all day it has looked like a nice sunny day, even felt fairly warm when I finally did get out of the flat for the first time at 10pm :-(   I had aimed to go through to National Gathering near Edinburgh today,  but that just didn’t happen, but I am going tomorrow so not a total loss.

PS it is now nearly 2am – the DVD I’m writing is saying 8hours to go which is cutting it fine for an 11am service, but I’m sure it will be fine :-/