Chess at Kelvingrove

June 29, 2008

Went to take some photos of this event at Kelvingrove Art Gallery today. I’ve not managed to go through all of the photos yet, but uploaded a few to FLICKR. But this is my favorite so far…

Chess at Kelvingrove

Jacob Aagaard, the current British Chess Champion, playing all comers in 12 simultaneous games at Kelvingrove Art Gallery to raise funds for Building for the Future and Chess Scotland.

Results: 101 games played in 6 hours with no breaks (and covering a distance of 15-20 miles going around the tables) .. 82 wins .. 7 losses .. 12 draws.  This raised £600 for the charities supported.

videos from GAFCON 2008 (or spot the GadgetVicar)

June 25, 2008

There are some interesting news and blogs around concerning GAFCON which is taking place at the moment in Jerusalem, of course the most interesting one is David’s (or at least he is the most likely blogger to read this so I’d better say that).

Today I discovered that the whole thing is being video streamed by AnglicanTV.ORG so if you want to follow along with what is going on or catch up with the things David is blogging about or even just play “Spot the GadgetVicar”…

Rules for “Spot the Gadget Vicar”

Objective: to find GV in the crowd on any online video from GAFCON 2008.

Make your claim: if you think you have spotted him comment below with the URL, Title of the video and timecode and description of when you claim to have seen GV.

Extra Points: extra points will be gained if you can make a screen grab of the spotting or if he is wairing this hat

Game Over: the game will end at the end of GAFCON or if we spot GV standing in front of the camera with a “Hello World” sign.


PS this is just for fun, no prizes other than the reward of watching some interesting talks on an important subject.

Books: Sheba by Jack Higgins

June 25, 2008

[7 days 4/5]

book coverOne day in 2005 I picked up a copy of The Eagle has Landed by Jack Higgins because it was cheap and the film had been on the week before.  Some time after that I read the sequel The Eagle has Flown and then followed a key character from those two books into the excellent Eye of the Storm which is a fictionalised version the events that lead to the 1991 mortar attack on 10 Downing Street.

Eye of the Storm is an excellent book and introduces the character of Sean Dillon who goes on to appear in another 14 stories.  I’ve read most of these and while they sometimes fall into a bit of a formula, they are always good page turners.

So with my recent failure in choosing good books I picked up a random, slightly tattered second hand Jack Higgins book Sheba that has been on my shelf for a while.  This was obviously a stroke of genius as I’ve ripped through this book in a week (which is quick for me by the way) and it was exactly what I needed.  I wouldn’t say it was a work of perfection or a great literary classic but a good bed time thriller.

That the story involved both Hitler and the biblical Queen of Sheba should be enough to gather interest.  Set just before Germany invades Poland in 1939 the action here is set in Arabia’s Empty Quarter I’m not going to explain this, it just does!  With German Spies, smuggling, gun running, tomb raiding, outlaws, plane crashes, love stories and Bedouins this was a nice little read.

June 21, 2008

This article on the BBC News site pointed me to

Like most online map and route finders this will find you a route from ‘A’ to ‘B’ however this one is for walking routes and adds information such as:

Walking time for fast, medium and slow walkers,
Calorie Burn and
CO2 avoided

Looking up some destinations I know some of the routes suggested seem a little random, so I’m not too sure how useful it would be to find somewhere you don’t know – well you would get there but perhaps not by the best route.  But it is a really good idea, has routes through parks and pedestrian areas which other route finders obviously don’t.

So according to walking home from work is 1.8 miles, could take 27-36min, burning up to 156 calories and saving 0.6kg of CO2.

The Ting Tings: Shut Up And Let Me Go

June 19, 2008

.. I’m still totally hooked on the The Ting Tings, since seeing them last month I seem to listen to the CD in some format every day.  Anyway, another single has been released from the album (although I’m not really sure what that means any more, showing my age, but I think it was good when a 7″ single came out and had a B-side that you hadn’t heard or a 12″ single was released with different re-mixes) …. anyway, it does mean there is a new video which is great, lots of fun and some really interesting effects:

Bad Day at the Office?

June 19, 2008

Books: Icon by Frederick Forsyth

June 18, 2008

I’m sure I’ve read Frederick Forsyth before and I used to really like cold war / spy type novels which is why I picked this one up.  But I’ve been fairly disappointed with Icon and never really got totally into it.  Simply put I really had to push through this book constantly asking myself why I was bothering and hoping that it would get better.  There was just far too much detail in every little side story, there were so many characters that you got to know and then never reappeared.  Waste of time waste of time waste of time …. or at least is has put me to sleep fairly quickly each night.

Hmm, that’s two books in a row I’ve not enjoyed, and on the side I’m still working thought Final Cut Studio manuals which just aren’t bed time reading :-<

Saturday Photo Walk – 14 June 2008

June 15, 2008

Start of the West End Festival, so I went for a walk to see what was going on and to take some pics. On the way I bumped into …

then went to some Allotments


and found…


..and took a bunch more photos which are here..

Then later in the evening as the sun was setting I popped up to make sure this bloke was still sitting on his horse


Surreal: Photographers & Scientology

June 8, 2008

Wikipedia – “Surreal in general means bizarre or dreamlike” which kind of sums up today.

I heard about this thing on the Glasgow FLICKR Group there was mentioned of Flash Mob, Scientology and protesters against Scientology. I gave it a go anyway, met up with Chris and went along to the meet. What was going on was a group of Scientologists had some tables set up offering ‘Stress Tests’ and giving out info about Dianetics.

FLICKR meet 7 June 2008 FLICKR

Then there seemed to be a few people in masks sort of hanging around, but not many people seemed to notice this.


However, gradually it became apparent that there were a whole lot more photographers around than are normally seen in the wild….


Eventually the Scientologists called the Police, the Police talked to the Scientologists


and the Police got their photo taken…


and eventually asked us to move on and leave them to it

which everybody did.

It was an interesting experience, but certainly bizarre and dreamlike, so very Surreal.

My photo set from this & the Glasgow FLICKR Group.

Is Kelvingrove Park a dangerous place to be?

June 6, 2008

Police in the Park