video of Carol Service

December 15, 2008

I have finally managed to get a short video of the carol service uploaded to Youtube.  I blame youtube for this, they have made a number of changes recently and for some reason this video just kept timing out every time I tried to upload it, then when I tried again today it went no problem at all.

Anyway, this was filmed using a static camera at the rear of church and is intended for my own notes of the visual design and implementation of the Carol Service this year, which is why the video cuts to different sections of the event while the audio simply runs through ‘Joy to the World’.  So it is really just for my own use and so that I can write up the event over on my other blog, but I thought it might be of interest to others.

also, here is another short video during a rehersal when we quickly ran through some of the colour settings and roof projections.

What were they thinking?

May 16, 2008

OK, the strangest moment of today’s performance of The Life of Jesus in Kelvingrove park was this wedding couple deciding that it would make a wonderful photograph to pose in front of this actor (who was one of the thieves either side of where Jesus would be).

Wedding Couple at Life of Jesus

Clearly something has been forgotten about exactly what death by Crucifixion means.

As posted previously, I was at the technical run through yesterday and saw most of the play today.  It is well worth catching, very moving in places, well acted and put together…  Catch it Saturday 2pm!  Here’s some more photos that I couldn’t upload yesterday.

Life of Jesus

annoying photographer

life of Jesus