book: Stuart Woods “Dirt”

Yes, another Stuart Woods – Stone Barrington book.  This time I went back to the second book in the series to fill in the gap I missed.  Again, this book is a good, easy and quick read with an impossible to guess outcome.

The plot follows events as a faxed newsheet called Dirt is sent out to various papers, publishers and insiders dishing out top secret gossip about affairs and back-dealing of a few people leading to eventual blackmail.  Stone, the ex-cop turned lawyer/investigator is called in to track down who is doing this.  During the investigation Stone Barrington meets his girlfriend Arrington, who appears in the next two books and is introduced as someone who could never marry him (thus becoming Arrington Barrington).

This is a great second book, establishing the character first introduced in New York Dead with an array of secondary characters and exactly how he works as an investigator.  The outcome is impossible to second guess, which is essential in a thriller.

What I’m enjoying most about these books is how the plot just keeps moving along from chapter to chapter meaning that with each one covering only a few pages you always feel it is worth just reading to the end of the next – then the next – then… well then it is the middle of the night and you really should be asleep.

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