+ve or -ve

November 9, 2009

A couple of years ago I tried doing a blog once a week reflecting on good and bad things that happened that week, I’m going to try it again for a while.  The main difficulty with this sort of blog is the number of things that you just can’t name, like ‘friend called’ I’m not going to mention who but it might be something that really cheered my up (OK I’m assuming that a friend calling would appear in the +ve category).  Anyway, as I always try to remember the purpose of this blog is as a memo to myself and if others happen to read it and find it interesting because you know me or something I’ve written is of use then great, but be warned if you read the +ve/-ve posts they may be over cryptic and certainly I can’t see how interesting they could be:.


  • +ve  listened to the entire Queen back catalog (apart from compilations and live stuff) at work this week via on Spotify!
  • +ve  finishing another Pratchett novel: The Truth
  • -ve   Halloween: got no sleep at all because of the number of party goers shouting in the street outside till well after 4am by which time I generally can’t get to sleep
  • -ve   passed on some real hassle of a job to deal with which was probably avoidable
  • -ve  had a head cold most of the week
  • +ve  worked from home for two days to avoid traipsing into work with a cold (and got a few ‘stuck’ projects moving)
  • +ve  had a guest blog published on musicademy
  • +ve  phone call from friend
  • +ve  started watching ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip‘ (why the long name?)
  • +ve  de-cluttering and decorating means chucking lots of stuff out and feels good
  • +ve  caught up with one of my oldest friends and had a fantastic burger from Ketchup
  • -ve   haven’t practiced bass for over a week!!
  • -ve  Carol Service plans not where they should be by now, need a lot more work!
  • +ve  I’ve built a secret passageway in my living room and it makes me smile every time I use it
  • +ve  out with friends on Friday night, to Ketchup again and Grosvneor (first night out like this for months!)
  • +ve  good to see friends visiting from Manchester
  • -ve  didn’t get to Biblocafe enough this weekend
  • +ve  finished decorating living room
  • -ve  finished watching ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip‘ and there are no more seasons :-(
  • -ve LOTS of tech problems at church this morning, again!
  • +ve took Sunday evening off church (again)