Books: Stuart Woods “Loitering with Intent”

I really haven’t been getting as much reading done as I used to for lots of reasons, so it was nice to return to an author and character I am familiar with but haven’t read for a while.  Stuart Woods is a funny author in my view because I find his writing engaging, page turning and easy to get into and move through quickly, but I never really find them thrilling – odd for a thriller.  Stuff just seems to happen to the characters without a great deal of effort on their parts.  I’m not sure why I like these books but they are easy and interesting enough to keep me coming back.

bookIn this plot Stone Barrington (an ex-cop turned lawyer) is asked to go to Key West looking for a rich man’s estranged son.  He takes his ex-partner and sidekick Dino Bacchetti (who is still a cop) comes along for the ride, and as it turns out to do very little but be the person who listens to Stone’s theories as they come along.  Basically after that stuff happens and the plot rolls on.

It’s a nice little book and would certainly work as a stand alone or if you are working through the Barrington books.

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