I never fully get the hang of this time of year.  It appears to be a great time to visit people, exchange presents, attend all those extra church things and watch the seasonal TV… but where does the time go?

I always tend to put aside little jobs for this holiday with the phrase “I’ll do that between Christmas and New Year because there is never anything to do then” But here we are with one day to Hogmanay, and I’ve still got lots to do and the one work based job isn’t even started.

I have managed to turn completely nocturnal, napping a few times during the day and being awake all night.  I get the feeling this is my natural sleep pattern since this happens every time I have a few days off.  I’ve managed to be disappointed with the lack of  good TV but that’s been off-set by some great movies and boxed sets.

Now half way through the holiday period it is time to reassess what I can practically do in this time and how to spend more time with friends relaxing and having a proper break.

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