book: men who stare at goats

men who stare at goats by Jon Ronson (who’s name has three ‘on’ s?!?)

I saw this trailer for a film coming out soon:

and it looked so good that I thought I would pick up the book since I had seen it in Biblocafe (the title had kind of stuck in my head).

Well – I’m not going into it too much but all I would say is don’t.  The book is rubbish and the key thing about the film seems to be ‘inspired by…’  it is a true story – the US military have messed around with psychic powers, mind bending experiments, subliminal messages, etc.  but the book really doesn’t present the evidence or investigation in a very easy to follow narrative structure – rather a loosely connected series of stories that jump back and forth in time and it isn’t always clear who is involved. Don’t read the book but I still think the movie has promise.

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