book: David Baldacci “Absolute Power”

David Baldacci is a new author to me, but this book was recommended and didn’t disappoint.  The title “Absolute Power” brings to mind the office of president and indeed that is where it starts.  First there is a robbery in a very wealthy manor house but the thief is interrupted by the president of the united states coming home with lady of the house, the president in this case is not a nice man, get’s violent and as the woman retaliates and is about to stab her attacker two secret service agents break in and shoot her.  They clean up the area and start the coverup.

But there is a thief still hidden in the room who witnessed everything.  He gets away with some incriminating evidence but will he use it, will the secret service guys stand by the cover up, what will the president do when he sobers up….

The book starts a bit heavy with lots of characters to introduce, I’ve not mentioned a lot of parallel plots going on, but once it gets going the pace is good and the twists numerous.  So good I picked up three more books by David Baldacci on the way home tonight.

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