video of Carol Service

December 15, 2008

I have finally managed to get a short video of the carol service uploaded to Youtube.  I blame youtube for this, they have made a number of changes recently and for some reason this video just kept timing out every time I tried to upload it, then when I tried again today it went no problem at all.

Anyway, this was filmed using a static camera at the rear of church and is intended for my own notes of the visual design and implementation of the Carol Service this year, which is why the video cuts to different sections of the event while the audio simply runs through ‘Joy to the World’.  So it is really just for my own use and so that I can write up the event over on my other blog, but I thought it might be of interest to others.

also, here is another short video during a rehersal when we quickly ran through some of the colour settings and roof projections.

Chess at Kelvingrove

June 29, 2008

Went to take some photos of this event at Kelvingrove Art Gallery today. I’ve not managed to go through all of the photos yet, but uploaded a few to FLICKR. But this is my favorite so far…

Chess at Kelvingrove

Jacob Aagaard, the current British Chess Champion, playing all comers in 12 simultaneous games at Kelvingrove Art Gallery to raise funds for Building for the Future and Chess Scotland.

Results: 101 games played in 6 hours with no breaks (and covering a distance of 15-20 miles going around the tables) .. 82 wins .. 7 losses .. 12 draws.  This raised £600 for the charities supported.

videos from GAFCON 2008 (or spot the GadgetVicar)

June 25, 2008

There are some interesting news and blogs around concerning GAFCON which is taking place at the moment in Jerusalem, of course the most interesting one is David’s (or at least he is the most likely blogger to read this so I’d better say that).

Today I discovered that the whole thing is being video streamed by AnglicanTV.ORG so if you want to follow along with what is going on or catch up with the things David is blogging about or even just play “Spot the GadgetVicar”…

Rules for “Spot the Gadget Vicar”

Objective: to find GV in the crowd on any online video from GAFCON 2008.

Make your claim: if you think you have spotted him comment below with the URL, Title of the video and timecode and description of when you claim to have seen GV.

Extra Points: extra points will be gained if you can make a screen grab of the spotting or if he is wairing this hat

Game Over: the game will end at the end of GAFCON or if we spot GV standing in front of the camera with a “Hello World” sign.


PS this is just for fun, no prizes other than the reward of watching some interesting talks on an important subject.

Blog explosion

April 30, 2008

If a blog were to explode what sort of noise would it make?  I think some kind of blurting-blobby-splat.

I’ve not had much time to post here because I’ve been working on a video with a bit of a deadline (only taking a break now to let some of the text overlays render so I can tell if what I’m doing looks right).  I’ve also been starting up a bunch of other blogs.

1- has moved the archive of what happened this month at Deeper from a page on this blog (which made it difficult to update) to one of its own.  Eventually this will grow so that more of the Deeper team will update different areas and we can send out announcements before the event and follow-up posts after the event.  This is experimental, and we are winding down towards summer but hopefully it will kick off when we start a new series in the Autumn.

2- Got a bit confusing.  I wanted to start a space where I could talk more about the visual mixing actually being a ministry, so to develop some slightly more serious thinking and writing on what it is I / we do.  But I didn’t want to get this mixed up with the general ‘notes of life’ that I put here so started a new blog.  The problem is I don’t like ANY of the terms we use… Christian VJ, Worship VJ, Visual Mixer, etc…  they are all OK and I like the term VJ but it does make people instantly think of jumpy, fast paced visuals that would fit in a club but really don’t work behind a slow paced worship song.  So (for now) I’ve settled on Christian Visualist. Visualist is a term used by some VJs and Video Artists and does tend to mean live performance so I think it fits – does sound a bit pompous though.

3- I’ve been trying to move the good old, hand-coded DeepRiver web site over to WordPress as well, however this is proving difficult – all the relevant names have been taken, I can’t get the full depth of sub pages that I need and I don’t have time to write the new contend or upload new videos.  It’s frustrating how developing DeepRiver and anything that actually might bring money to it always seems to take a back seat to the projects that have been taken on in the mean time.

Speaking of which, the video has now rendered, so back to the grind stone – or track-ball to be accurate.