Things I blog about…

June 4, 2008

When I moved from my old web site to this blog (Jan 2006 by the looks of this) the main reason was to have a place that I could easily and quickly access from anywhere to remind my self of things – links, useful resources, reminders of handy software, etc.

Obviously because of the nature of blogging it also means that I can stick up posts to remind my self of various things – tags with Food tend to be places I’ve eaten, Movies are films I’ve watched or movie related, etc.  and there are all those odd things that you find that might be of interest to others or yourself at some point in the future.

For some reason when I started I created a separate page for ‘BOOKS’ which was where I kept a reminder of what I had read and stuff I wanted to read (to keep track of a series).  This has become too long and cumbersome so I’m going to start blogging these. However, this means I either keep what is there, delete it all or transfer it here.  I’m going to do the latter – so the next few posts may be a little boring.