Things I blog about…

June 4, 2008

When I moved from my old web site to this blog (Jan 2006 by the looks of this) the main reason was to have a place that I could easily and quickly access from anywhere to remind my self of things – links, useful resources, reminders of handy software, etc.

Obviously because of the nature of blogging it also means that I can stick up posts to remind my self of various things – tags with Food tend to be places I’ve eaten, Movies are films I’ve watched or movie related, etc.  and there are all those odd things that you find that might be of interest to others or yourself at some point in the future.

For some reason when I started I created a separate page for ‘BOOKS’ which was where I kept a reminder of what I had read and stuff I wanted to read (to keep track of a series).  This has become too long and cumbersome so I’m going to start blogging these. However, this means I either keep what is there, delete it all or transfer it here.  I’m going to do the latter – so the next few posts may be a little boring.

Blog explosion

April 30, 2008

If a blog were to explode what sort of noise would it make?  I think some kind of blurting-blobby-splat.

I’ve not had much time to post here because I’ve been working on a video with a bit of a deadline (only taking a break now to let some of the text overlays render so I can tell if what I’m doing looks right).  I’ve also been starting up a bunch of other blogs.

1- has moved the archive of what happened this month at Deeper from a page on this blog (which made it difficult to update) to one of its own.  Eventually this will grow so that more of the Deeper team will update different areas and we can send out announcements before the event and follow-up posts after the event.  This is experimental, and we are winding down towards summer but hopefully it will kick off when we start a new series in the Autumn.

2- Got a bit confusing.  I wanted to start a space where I could talk more about the visual mixing actually being a ministry, so to develop some slightly more serious thinking and writing on what it is I / we do.  But I didn’t want to get this mixed up with the general ‘notes of life’ that I put here so started a new blog.  The problem is I don’t like ANY of the terms we use… Christian VJ, Worship VJ, Visual Mixer, etc…  they are all OK and I like the term VJ but it does make people instantly think of jumpy, fast paced visuals that would fit in a club but really don’t work behind a slow paced worship song.  So (for now) I’ve settled on Christian Visualist. Visualist is a term used by some VJs and Video Artists and does tend to mean live performance so I think it fits – does sound a bit pompous though.

3- I’ve been trying to move the good old, hand-coded DeepRiver web site over to WordPress as well, however this is proving difficult – all the relevant names have been taken, I can’t get the full depth of sub pages that I need and I don’t have time to write the new contend or upload new videos.  It’s frustrating how developing DeepRiver and anything that actually might bring money to it always seems to take a back seat to the projects that have been taken on in the mean time.

Speaking of which, the video has now rendered, so back to the grind stone – or track-ball to be accurate.