Literally the funniest thing…

February 27, 2009

This is literally the funniest thing that I’ve discovered today.  I haven’t come across this concept before, to remake a music video with words that literally describe what is going on in the video.  Here are my favourite few from spending far too long on YouTube…

U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For

RHCP – Under The Bridge

Never Gonna Give You Up

(warning contains some Rick)

Lastly, this is slightly different, not a literal version but a bluegrass version of Billy Idol’s White Wedding – possibly one of the most mental videos ever made.

video of Carol Service

December 15, 2008

I have finally managed to get a short video of the carol service uploaded to Youtube.  I blame youtube for this, they have made a number of changes recently and for some reason this video just kept timing out every time I tried to upload it, then when I tried again today it went no problem at all.

Anyway, this was filmed using a static camera at the rear of church and is intended for my own notes of the visual design and implementation of the Carol Service this year, which is why the video cuts to different sections of the event while the audio simply runs through ‘Joy to the World’.  So it is really just for my own use and so that I can write up the event over on my other blog, but I thought it might be of interest to others.

also, here is another short video during a rehersal when we quickly ran through some of the colour settings and roof projections.

Antmusic collaboration on T4

September 7, 2008

So live on T4 Transmission, September 5, 2008 The Charlatans and Dirty Pretty Things perform Antmusic.  But is it just me who would like to actually see this?  The camera work / direction in this bit of video is shocking!

If you’ve watched it already, did you spot that there was more than one drummer?  Adam Ant had various incarnation of ‘the ants’, from early punk through the new-romantic 80s to going solo, but the best known line up had two drummers Chris “Merrick” Hughes and Terry Lee Miall.   It looks to me that both are playing in this collaboration along with Dirty Pretty Things drummer Gary Powell.  But there are only a couple of shots that you can see there are THREE drummers!

Not only does whoever is calling the shots decide not to show much of the only two members of the original band being paid tribute to here, or a fairly unusual visual impact of having three drummers but for some reason at 1:28, they again at 2:28 we get the camera to sweep past a set of step ladders that has been left on the side of the stage!?  The second time this is done it lasts for the duration of a drum solo only for the camera to cut away when the camera finally arrives at the drummers – what’s going on, what is the director trying to show or is it simply that they have a programmed flying camera that can do that sweep, so might as well use it whether it fits or not.

OK, so visual rant over, the version of Antmusic is fun, the singers have dressed up for the part and it is a good track.  Shame you can see so little of it in this video.

Visually this version is fantastic, but it is more famous famous because they are so obviously miming and at around 2 min in the bassist guitar strap breaks and he starts messing around like an idiot, it isn’t hard to see how pissed of Adam is (skip to 5:45ish if you don’t want to watch it all).  Kevin Mooney was sacked shortly after this Royal Variety Performance in 1981.

and just for the hell of it, here’s Robbie Williams version of antmusic from 1998


August 8, 2008

Some say the world will end today because it’s the 8th of Aug 2008

Some say it is a good day to start the Olympics (but I’ve decided to boycot the opening ceremony as it is too far away, so I’ll only watch it on TV).

However, 8th of 8th 2008 has reminded me of this long forgotten song from my formative years (1980 in fact)….

It is Hazel O’Connor singing Eighth Day from the movie Breaking Glass (not a very good movie if I remember, right up there with Jubilee in the Post-Punk-apocalyptic-homegrown-British move stakes – or DON’T WATCH!!)

I distinctly remember listening the a 12″ vinyl single version of this over and over, probably with the words ripped out of Smash Hits, ahh the days before internet and mp3s :-)

Have a nice 8th Day!

CLANkidz Leaders Singing

July 30, 2008

Direct Youtube Link

Proud to be Scottish?

July 5, 2008

direct youtube link

It is good to be reminded what it means to be Scottish by a pair of socks.

The Ting Tings: Shut Up And Let Me Go

June 19, 2008

.. I’m still totally hooked on the The Ting Tings, since seeing them last month I seem to listen to the CD in some format every day.  Anyway, another single has been released from the album (although I’m not really sure what that means any more, showing my age, but I think it was good when a 7″ single came out and had a B-side that you hadn’t heard or a 12″ single was released with different re-mixes) …. anyway, it does mean there is a new video which is great, lots of fun and some really interesting effects: