Furniture for Deeper

May 7, 2009

Found more possible silly furniture we could use at St Silas for Deeper


OK, no idea how much this stuff costs (probably high priced designer prices) but the basic concept is inflatable illuminated furniture :-)

This means that people could see where they are in the dark and if we could link it up to the lighting controls we could turn down the ‘chairs’ when we want to – or put on a lighting chase to pick people out.  Fun fun fun… and of course being inflatable they will be easy to store.

Then again, will these be in the slightest bit comfortable, practical or rubust.  Oh well, let’s not bother.


Good Friday ! Labyrinth

March 22, 2008

Over a hundred people went through the Labyrinth at St Silas today.  A lot of those who came weren’t St Silas ‘regulars’ and lots haven’t been to a Labyrinth at all before or hadn’t been to a Good Friday themed one.

As well as giving people the opportunity to leave anonymose written feedback I asked a few people if they wouldn’t mind being interviewed on camera about their feelings having gone around the labyrinth.  It was great to get so much face to face feedback from people and to hear first hand how this technique or ‘tool’ for meeting with God touched them in so many different ways.

Someone was reminded of something in the way their mum told them the Easter story at one of the stations and went around thinking about it all as if they were a child again. Lots of people liked the tactile elements, feeling how heavy the cross may have been for example.  People liked taking it at their own pace and how different that was compared to coming to church and going at the pace of whatever is going on.  Someone mentioned that the point when Simon carries the cross for Jesus it made them see that even he needed help and accepted it from Simon – so it is OK to ask for help from others.

This was all really encouraging, because most of this stuff wasn’t actually in the material we put together but was generated by the use of the material and individuals meeting with God.  It was also fantastic to look around during the tear down at the end of a busy couple of days to see so many people had turned up to help!  We turned the building round in under two hours, taking everything apart, packing it up and getting all the chairs out ready for Sunday morning…  here’s the time lapse…

direct link to youtube video

It’s been squished from 16:9 widescreen to 4:3 so if I get time I’ll fix this and put up another video but this is still fun.

Winding Down or Not?

January 28, 2008

It’s been a really hectic time recently with a big push on DeepRiver stuff.

DeepRiver is the not-for-profit group a few of us put together so that we could bring together all the visual resources that were being produced and could provide training, run events, etc.  It seemed easier to have a ‘brand’ to hide behind and seems to stick in people’s minds.

Anyway, I took a back seat from the Deeper services towards the end of last year to try to catch up on the mountain of uncompleted work we had.  I failed.  At least I failed to completely catch up.  I did manage to consolidate a lot of material we made in the past, or stuff made by others that we would like to use live but wasn’t in the right format.

So for the live video mixing ministry we have four new DVDs full of loops on hand to mix with.  The plan is using these live will show what is most useful and that will eventually become a new product available for others.

The other big highlight this month was taking a team under the banner of DeepRiver to lead worship at the National Youthwork Training Conference, Deep Impact in Aviemore last weekend.  This was a challenge because we wanted to do innovative and challenging worship not just add some video behind a praise band  and to introduce worship across the event.  I think we achieved what we set out to do and it seemed to be well received.

This has also opened up a few new opportunities and ideas for DeepRiver, which just adds to the problem of not having any time to do anything!

Emergent church

August 30, 2007

I like these,  I’m not sure I understand what Emergent church is, even though I’ve read a bit about it and I am involved in Deeper which some people would label as an emergent service, I’m just not convinced it is a useful lable… but, that aside I like these cartoons from The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus.



Everything -Asbo Jesus

Last Deeper in series…

August 25, 2007

While I’m around I’ve uploaded some photos of last Sunday’s DEEPER service and posted a run down of what we did here as a reminder as usual. This was the last in the series looking at the letters to the churches taken from the start of the book of Revelation.

The series has been good, but at least now I don’t have to make any more of those videos typing out the email.  Partly I got fed up with them because they were really fiddly to make with macro zoom loosing its focus all the time and re-doing the same technique over and over, but mainly it was because I didn’t like hearing my own voice doing the voice over – even with slight echo and reverb.

So now on to a new challenge… next month – multiple screens, different feeds going to five separate projectors, images changing with interaction of actors… just another simple church service ;-o


June 20, 2007

So, back in real-life it’s been a bit hectic.  Our department (at work – I don’t normally talk about work here) had our annual away-day thing on Monday.  Leading up to this I decided it would be a good to have several things ready in time for the away day, so I set a bunch of deadlines.  In reality it wouldn’t have really mattered if things weren’t ready for the day, but it’s good to have a deadline sometimes.   Anyway, we managed to get everything done and it got a good reception, so was worth the effort.  On the other hand, seeing a few of these things gave people ideas, which in turn has generated more work… oh well.

Non-work ‘work’ has also been a little overloaded because I’m trying to get ahead of some video work in order to have some time off from it later in the summer.  But, as in the previous post I’ve ran out of inspiration on a couple of projects so that isn’t going to quickly.  I did manage to get the three things I had to have for last Sunday ready, but hoped to have more.  Oh and Sunday was Deeper, and there isn’t one next month because we are all (OK well most of ‘us’ whoever ‘us’ are) away at CLANkidz.

Otherwise, life is fun. Not only will I manage to go climbing again this week, but I could have gone yesterday as well (sorry I couldn’t make it BTW, and if you’re reading this I didn’t have your mobile or I would have let you know)  On that, I also bumped into someone at Biblocafe (the best coffee shop in the world!) who spotted me at the climbing centre and said I could join them sometime, so that’s all good.

Deeper 20 May 2007

May 26, 2007

(Direct link to video above)

So I decided to try something different this month at Deeper.  I set up a camera at the back connected to the Mac to time-lapse the entire setup, event, tear-down and reset.

Unfortunately  the entire thing was just too big and it filled the hard drive just before the end so no tear-down and reset, however the video above is now a record of an entire Deeper service.

There is a full description of the service here