gig: Bill Bailey at Dunoon’s Queens Hall

May 30, 2012

Monday 21 was a beautiful evening and just the right time to be heading down to Gourock to catch the ferry to Dunoon to see a Bill Bailey gig.  Bill Bailey is one of the stand up comics I’ve seen on TV who I have always wanted to see live.  A few weeks ago I spotted that he was touring some small towns and grabbed some tickets for the Queens Hall.

Although I grew up in Gourock and have family in Dunoon I’ve never been in the Queens Hall and certainly never expected to see one of the UKs top comics here.  In part it is that expectation and the building anticipation which made this night so good.  At first all Bill Bailey had to do was walk up and down the stage making the odd comment about the general (run down) look of the theater and a quick impression of the ferry to have everyone in stitches.

After a little while Bill did break into some more substantial material and it was all really great.  The problem I am finding though (and this is why I am posting this more than a week after the gig) is that you really need to have been there.  So you will just need to trust me – Bill Bailey is fantastic, very funny, clean humour and worth catching.


Review of 2011

January 1, 2012

That time of year again to have a look over what I’ve blogged about and review what the year has been like ( see 2010, and 2009)


MOVIES watched at the cinema…

RESTAURANTS, blogged about…

BOOKS read this year….


Feb: honeymoon in Barbados

July: we did a wee tour of England, visiting relatives in Coventry then having a few days in Yorkshire and the Lakes.

August:  CLANkidz not always seen as a holiday, but still it isn’t ‘work’ and it is in St Andrews so I think it counts

Other Highlights:

Feb: I got Married, D’ moved into my small flat and we began our married life of bliss.  The reality is that it is difficult to find a balance in everything when married, it hasn’t been easy but it has been a lot of fun.
Also, in Feb, as mentioned we went to Barbados and I found a new interest – Rum!
Oct: Put my flat in Woodlands on the market and it sold within three weeks
Nov: After looking at a lot of places we bought a house in Scotstoun
Dec: Moved into the new house, filled it up with clutter immediately, then had Christmas parties.  What a good month!

gig: Milton Jones

May 20, 2011

Milton Jones at the Pavillion Theater.  Milton’s style of comedy is fast one liners and puns, meaning that you leave a gig after laughing uncontrollably and can’t quote one funny thing you heard.  Well, almost, I can remember one example at the moment:

” My Grandad achieved his lifetime goal, to become a Lion Whisperer… just before he died. “

All I can say was it was a great night and I do hope more of those jokes keep popping into my head for the next few weeks.

Thanks Ross & Leigh for the birthday present.


Biblical Ninjas

December 9, 2009

I am currently working on videos for the carol service when someone miss-heard what I said and repeated back to me  “The Ninja of the Lord appeared to Mary?”

Which obviously led me to wonder how many places angels are mentioned in the bible where they could be replaced by Ninjas …

  • ninjas are stealthy and only allow themselves to be seen when they want to
  • ninjas are all-powerful and just one could smite an opposing army
  • ninjas appear from the shadows and often disappear in a blinding light
  • ninjas are feared and so their first words would be ‘do not be afraid’

So, here is my depiction of the Ninja-of-the-Lord appearing to Mary in the annunciation possibly (but probably not) coming to a carol service near you this Christmas season:

movie: the men who stare at goats

November 7, 2009

A couple of months ago I saw a trailer for this movie, liked the trailer so got hold of the book, read the book and didn’t like it (review here) and now it was time at last to watch the movie.

movieposterI liked the movie.  I found it extremely funny, very quirky and entertaining. The movie tells the story of the U.S. Army’s First Earth Battalion which was an experimental unit to bring New Age theories into the army.  Soldiers practiced meditation, primal screams, remote viewing, etc. and ultimately tried to stop the heart of a goat by staring at it.

The movie gains over the book by having a coherent narrative to tie the various stories together, however it does let the book down (IMHO) by not showing how these experiments with the paranormal has led to more ‘legitimate’ military programs such as the psychological techniques being used for interrogation in the ‘War on Terror’.

Although this was an entertaining film in its own right, some of the biggest giggles came because the psychic spies also called themselves Jedi and this story is being told to Ewan McGregor with lines like “could I become a Jedi” “what does it mean to be a Jedi” etc.

Nice little film, but will be as good on the small screen as on the big one so wait till it comes along.


Church Signs

October 23, 2008

St Silas is clearly underusing its sign…

See the rest of the church sign battle here

The Creative Martyrs at Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

October 18, 2008

The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall is the oldest surviving music hall n Britain.  I’ve known about it for years but never had the opportunity to see inside.

Knowing one of The Creative Martyrs but not having seen him for a while it was an easy call to go see this gig.

Billed as “an evening of Satire, Surrealism & Song” it was difficult to know what to expect.  We went nice and early in order to have a good look at this historic space, and take some photos. This was also good because the two ‘Martyrs’ were wandering around the (admittedly small) audience in character, which was very funny.  With the white make up and minimal talking this reminded me very much of the Blue Man Group.

Once the performance began the Surrealism kicked in.  The Panopticon was a perfect setting for this which had a feeling of pre-war, Eastern European, revolutionary, war whore, music hall, style.  There were plenty of laughs, but what struck me more was that I felt like I was sitting there with a big grin all the way through.

The songs were really great (sometimes rude:-) and performance style reminded me of the Boosh.

They are playing again tonight Sat 18th at The Panopticon (catch them if you can) and then…

CHEESECAKE at Capitol Friday 31 Oct
Spangled Cabaret at The Rio Cafe Mon 3 Nov

It was very dark, so not great for photos, the ones that worked are here