Review of 2013

January 17, 2014

Previously: review of 200920102011, 2012, here is the summary of my blog posts 2013… as ever please note this is only to help me remember things I really don’t know why anyone else would be interested:

MOVIES (cinema)

RESTAURANTS, blogged about (I don’t blog about every restaurant anymore)…

BOOKS read this year….


  • June: Isle of Lewis
  • November: Crieff Hydro

Other Highlights:

  • April: Son
  • July: Started Cycling to Work
  • Sept: Lewis Dedication

Running Totals:

  • 2009 – 23 books – 6 Movies – 4 gigs
  • 2010 – 33 books – 13 Movies – 10 gigs – 6 restaurants – 4 holidays
  • 2011 – 18 books – 2 Movies – 3 gigs – 1 restaurants – 3 holidays
  • 2012 – 16 books – 7 Movies – 3 gigs – 3 restaurants – 4 holidays
  • 2013 – 8 books – 2 Movies – 0 gigs – 1 restaurant – 2 holidays – Plus 1 son who is wonderful!

Review of 2012

January 2, 2013

Following reviews of 2011, 2010, and 2009… here is the summary of my blog posts this year… please note this is only to help me remember things I really don’t know why anyone else would be interested:


MOVIES (cinema)

Movies (home, but for some reason significant)

RESTAURANTS, blogged about (I don’t blog about every restaurant anymore)…

BOOKS read this year….


  • April: Blair Atholl
  • July: CLANkidz
  • September: Lagos, Portugal
  • October: Rochester trip for Mark’s wedding, (it was a short trip but still a bit of a holiday)

Other Highlights:

Running Totals:

  • 2009 – 23 books – 6 Movies – 4 gigs
  • 2010 – 33 books – 13 Movies – 10 gigs – 6 restaurants – 4 holidays
  • 2011 – 18 books – 2 Movies – 3 gigs – 1 restaurants – 3 holidays
  • 2012 – 16 books – 7 Movies – 3 gigs – 3 restaurants – 4 holidays

Announcing Baby Lynch…

September 27, 2012

Review of 2011

January 1, 2012

That time of year again to have a look over what I’ve blogged about and review what the year has been like ( see 2010, and 2009)


MOVIES watched at the cinema…

RESTAURANTS, blogged about…

BOOKS read this year….


Feb: honeymoon in Barbados

July: we did a wee tour of England, visiting relatives in Coventry then having a few days in Yorkshire and the Lakes.

August:  CLANkidz not always seen as a holiday, but still it isn’t ‘work’ and it is in St Andrews so I think it counts

Other Highlights:

Feb: I got Married, D’ moved into my small flat and we began our married life of bliss.  The reality is that it is difficult to find a balance in everything when married, it hasn’t been easy but it has been a lot of fun.
Also, in Feb, as mentioned we went to Barbados and I found a new interest – Rum!
Oct: Put my flat in Woodlands on the market and it sold within three weeks
Nov: After looking at a lot of places we bought a house in Scotstoun
Dec: Moved into the new house, filled it up with clutter immediately, then had Christmas parties.  What a good month!

buying a house

November 29, 2011

Time to reflect on the house hunting process that took most of September and October this year.  Using sites like  and estate agents own sites we spent a lot of time looking for anything in our price range with the right number of rooms and in any of the areas we decided to look in.

Deciding the areas was the most difficult part of all this.  We needed to be south of the Clyde or close to the Clyde tunnel for Danar to get to work.  South side would be more tricky for me to get to work being either bus or car and underground, while some of the houses North of the river were close to the rail line that would take me straight to the office in about 15min.

With these criteria we started to give over our weekends to driving at break-neck speed across the city to quickly look around people’s homes trying to find interesting things to say – often all I came up with was “that’s a good size”.  The map here shows all (I think) of the places we viewed with the red ‘x’ (difficult to see I know) marking where we have ended up,

We saw some nice houses, a lot not-so-nice, some wrecks and some fairly sad places that were obviously someone very old had died recently.  We viewed a new town house called river-view that you couldn’t see the river from, and a house with plastic floor and wall decor.  We looked at new-builds and older properties.  Detached, semidetached, bungalows, conversions, anything…

In this process, we saw only one property that we put in a ‘note-of-interest’ only to be told that it had already gone under offer.  This was disappointing and we did keep phoning up that estate agent to ask if things had fallen through, just in case – is that wrong?

However, on Tue 4th Oct when we accepted an offer on our flat and it all became a lot more real. Two days later we had three viewings arranged, one of which we thought was OK and probably worth a second viewing.  The next day we found out that property was actually going to closing – so we decided to put in a bid, did some negotiating and got it.  The rest as they say is history…

2010 – how did I get on?

January 1, 2011

At the start of this year I wrote a blog post simply called “2010” which was more or less some of the things I hoped to do and achieve this year.  So time to see how I got on, I said:

I would like to go to more movies!
well, I’ve been to 13 this/last year, which is more than double 2009 so that’s a win!  I doubt very much I will be able to keep up that number simply because I was given a GFT membership last year for Christmas and went to a number of movies there on my own which I can’t see happening this year, but not to worry I achieved it this year.

I would like to see more live music.
In 2009 I went to 4 gigs, while in 2010 I managed 6 music gigs plus a couple of trips to the theater and other events.  These were all great (well I didn’t think much of Snow Patrol, but lets not get into that).  I would really like to continue this somehow.

Be able to play Bass with some confidence.
Well this just hasn’t happened.  At the turn of last year I had just started messing around with the Bass and I was doing OK, but then I started dating, time pressure squeezed out any thoughts of practice and then finally I decided to totally shelf this for the time being rather than feeling guilty about it.  So for now this is off the agenda but you never know…

Do more VJing.
I had a couple of great opportunities to VJ this year and we have certainly dialed in the setup we use to something which almost always doesn’t completely fail.  I haven’t done much development of new footage and material which might be a good thing to focus on next year?

Use Time better
This was the most interesting one for me to look back on because I said things like “see more of my Sister”, “visit family in Lewis” and “proper holiday”….  I think I have managed this and all thanks to my wonderful ex-girlfriend, current fiancee and soon to be ‘other-half’ who is very good at making me get off my backside and do things with friends and family.

So, I don’t think I’ve done too bad with the things that I hoped and planned for at the start of this year. There were of course a number of things I had no idea would happen at that point which shaped the year just gone…  what will 2011 bring?

on being engaged…

September 8, 2010

Engagment RingAs many people already know, on 23rd July I asked Danar to marry me and we became engaged.  Time sort of speed up from then on and it seems like we have been doing nothing but making plans – which has been great.

We have booked all the key places and people in order to set the date – 12 February 2011 and perhaps more importantly started a new blog here –

I have to admit this is a totally “smug-couple” blog all about us and at the moment about the wedding but hey you only get married once.  The practical reason for the blog is hopefully to put all the information guests might need in one place that we can update as necessary.  It’s also a useful place for both of us to keep our to-do lists and keep track of things to be done.

What I have never considered before becoming engaged and to be honest has blown both of us away is the wonderful reaction we have received from everyone we know.  Obviously we expected close friends and family to be pleased but the excitement and emotional reaction we saw from people was just fantastic and even now coming up to a month later there are still lots of people saying congratulations to us when they find out, even those who don’t know us so well.

Last week we had an engagement party for a select few (limited by how many people can fit in my flat so sorry if you weren’t invited!!) which was great fun.  None of my photos came out so if anyone has any please let me know.  I think we had around 7 bottles of Champagne (or equivalent fizzy wine) and it was really great to just have friends around to celebrate this commitment we have made to each other.  Thanks to all those who have congratulated us both – it has made a very special time of our lives even more memorable.