+ve or -ve (again)

June 3, 2007

too tired to blog ‘properly’ so return of the weekly summary…

-ve  good friend moved away from Glasgow :-(
+ve I now have someone to visit in London :- )
+ve discovered a new (to me) band Nouvelle Vague thanks to m0ok posting this video….

Youtube video link

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  the simplicity, fun, mood, pace, I’ve just keep playing it over all week.

-ve  I then discovered this band played Glasgow LAST week
+ve had lunch with a couple of friends from church
-ve  wasn’t able to catch up with another friend passing through town for one night only
+ve did some filming in Glasgow Uni and Glasgow Cathedral
+ve started working with J&G on a proposal for taking Deep River (and some of the Deeper team) to ‘do worship’ at a big event next year.
+ve got back to work on a project for the church that has been frustrating but might be moving again
-ve  all of the last three +ves mean a LOT more work
-ve  Big Brother started this week –ve because I will become hooked fairly shortly if the past years are anything to go by.
+ve managed to clear out rubbish that has been collecting in church for far too long: old VCRs, broken computer monitors and random bits that collect.
-ve  work has been very hectic with two actual deadlines coming up (I tend not to have any deadlines in my current post.
-ve  car playing up and can’t be bothered doing anything about it.
+ve spend some time catching up with 24
-ve  weather has been lousy, no chance of cycling to work and haven’t done any other kind of exercise either.
+ve managed to get back to work on a wedding video for a friend who got married last year.  I would like to have this completed for their anniversary if not before.
+ve worked on follow-spot for New Scottish Choir and Orchestra gig in City Halls last night.

which gives me +2 leading into another fairly hectic week.  Could do with a holiday.


+ve or -ve week2

April 23, 2007

+ve    had a fun lunch hour art class sample session thing
-ve     can’t make any more of these classes
+ve    went for a nice meal this week
-ve     spent far too long this week putting things off till later
+ve    later… I got most of them done.
-ve    didn’t get to the Climbing Centre at all
+ve   cycled to work (and back) 3 days, but I’m a fair-weather-cyclist and…
-ve    the good weather seems to have gone
+ve   caught up with all the episodes of 24 I’ve managed to get my hands on so far
-ve    only half way through this series of 24 and have no idea how far behind I am
+ve   possible opening at an event for DeepRiver type stuff
+ve   managed to get dual monitors on my work PC, which I’ve not had for a long time
+ve   managed to sort out my desk at home so that it is a workspace again and not a dumping ground
-ve   reading the most boring book
+ve  finished that boring book with self-satisfaction for sticking at it
+ve  managed to get to the cinema
-ve   didn’t like the movie much
+ve  walked around the bouncy castle of Jericho this morning.
-ve   sacrificed some strawberries to a horrible death.
-ve   somehow ‘broke’ my mac powerbook so that it no longer plays the audio from any online video format other than quicktime
+ve  will spend much less time on Youtube because of this

so +3 !

That’s interesting,  last week was +3 as well and I have been doing this kind of randomly.  Is two weeks to short a sample size to draw any conclusions?  Should I do this every week… things become a tradition so quickly and too much self-analysis isn’t good for you.  Anyway, Monday morning beckons and it’s a +3 week so far :-)

24 – gone gone gone

March 1, 2007


From BBC Online News today:

Sky was first to issue a statement, shortly after midnight, saying: “Virgin Media has withdrawn Sky’s basic channels from its television customers following the expiry of the agreement between the two companies.”


The headline on Virgin’s statement said the exact opposite: “Sky rejects all Virgin Media efforts to find a solution and withdraws its basic channels.

“Sky had demanded that the fees for these channels be nearly doubled, despite the fact that the popularity of their basic channels has declined by 20% in the last three years.”

Fees nearly doubled or an offer of 3p a day. Can both statements be right? Frankly, Virgin Media customers don’t care.

They’re the victims in an increasingly heated battle between two large and high-profile companies in a rapidly changing TV and telecommunications landscape.

Here is how Jack Bauer took the news…

This is actually a live video feed – he hasn’t moved or even blinked since hearing that he could no longer watch 24!   


The Tomb of Jesus

February 28, 2007

There’s been a lot of talk about another one of those ‘the bible isn’t true, look here we can prove it’ things.  This one is based around the recent ‘archaeological discovery of the Tomb of Jesus’ – yea right.  Oh and apparently the tomb of his wife and child, cat, dog, baby sitter and financial advisor…  do I sound cynical?

However, the best comment I’ve read so far has to be from Scott Adams [The Dilbert Blog] who said:

I can imagine the moment they removed the lid and looked in. If it were me, I’d wonder if I was going to see one of the following:

1. Nothing
2. Decomposed stuff
3. Jesus sitting up and saying, “What in Dad’s name took you so long?”

read full article here it’s worth it…

I predict that this show will have a lot of “here is what the Bible says but what if…” and then “this could mean the end of Christianity…”,  and the odd “we are now much more enlightened, intelligent and advanced than those who wrote the bible…” and perhaps ending in “we can’t actually prove any of this, but it is interesting isn’t it”..

It looks like this will air on Discovery on Sunday at 9pm.  However, it is up against the 10th hour of 24 and I have no idea what will happen to Jack Bauer, so I think I’ll watch that instead.  [update: now that SKY has pulled the plug on cable customers I might end up watching this after all … or go to the pub after church – decisions, decisions ]

[*] I’m not going to link to The Discovery Channel site, because it is crap.  It started launching video clips and flashy stuff for no reason and just got on my nerves – a good TV channel but crappy web site – don’t go there.

24 Lost ?!

February 24, 2007

I’ve been with NTL for six years – I wouldn’t recommend them because their customer services are crap!  Now they seem to have been bought over by Virgin and have been re-branded as Virgin Media.  Fair enough, I’ve always liked the Virgin brand since first discovering the biggest music shop in Glasgow way back in the 80s.

So, good news, they can’t be any worse and must have some new innovations.

But, now I have a massive dilemma!

BBC News Online

Depending on the spin, it looks like Sky are pulling various channels from being broadcast by Virgin Media.  This wouldn’t bother me much as the majority of Sky One is repeats but then there is 24!!!

What to do?  Switch to Sky who I think are trying to bully Virgin Media customers to switch just for the sake of one show.   Or give the Virgin brand a chance to prove themselves in this market?  At the moment, I can’t even find out when these channels will disappear, so I’m not sure what to do.

Of course in an ideal world the BBC would be able to pay for the top premium shows that seem to get snapped up by the Sky.  Then instead of paying for a digital subscription on top of the licence fee there could just be a premium licence fee for additional shows.

Can I survive without 24, especially as we aren’t even half way thought Day6!?  If only Jack Bauer could knock Branson and Murdoc heads together and sort things out.

Superspy Scuffle: the ongoing debate

December 29, 2006

Gordon started it by asking “who’s the hardest? Ethan Hunt? (The new) James Bond? Jack Bauer? Austin Powers?”

The original question prompted 14 comments coming firmly to the conclusion that Jack Bauer is the hardest! My own contribution was to cull these facts about Jack from the internet. This debate was resurrected recently when the world got to see the new James Bond. I said “I still think Jack Bauer is better than James Bond, but only because it will take a long time to justify Roger Moore as a credible hard man” Jack Bauer

Inexplicably Gordon seems to be undecided again after seeing Casino Royale!! He wrote “the time has again come for you to decide who is the hardest: Bauer (weak American coffee man) or Bond (Scottish educated on-the-spot-cocktail-maker-upper).”

However, as unofficial supplier of 24 to the Cheung’s, and with the immanent beginning of Day6 on Sky One in January, here for me is the ultimate proof that Jack Bauer is harder than James Bond

Jack Bauer bond pic

The most controversial scene from Casino Royale is the torture scene, which is worse in the book from what I can remember. There is no doubt it takes a special kind of fictional super spy to take that kind of treatment, and many men will no longer use wicker chairs with any degree of comfort.

However, I’ve just seen the 10 min Prequel to Day6 !!! Day6 picks up 7 months after Day5 where it appears Jack has been under constant torture by the Chinese – 7 months of torture and he hasn’t broken – Bond’s torture only went on for a few minutes. The incident shown in the prequel (and I can’t give too much away) shows a compltely different level (and type) of torture that Jack is exposed to. And let’s not forget that back at the end of Day4 Jack Bauer died and was resurrected to get away from the Chinese, lived in exile and lost all contact with all friends and family…

Jack Bauer is the ultimate hard man super spy and could even wear a Rangers top in the Celtic end of an Old Firm Match and survive!

Day6 starts some time in January and I can’t wait!!

24Day6: the trailer

December 29, 2006

YouTube Trailer for Day6 of 24 [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvOG6h1UaH8 ]

Also, a full 10 min Day6 Prequel available from Sky One here – I can’t get a direct link to it but easy enough to follow the links…