Big Brother 7

May 17, 2006

Every year I try not to watch Big Brother. I don't like the way they seem to make it into a 'freak show' with some strange examples of society. I don't like the way people behave on the show, the obsessive nature of the media, etc. But somehow every year I get drawn in. It is totally addictive and I am a sucker for it.

So this year I am giving up before it even starts. By this time tomorrow we will have watched one of the worst episodes as all the housemates are slowly introduced and stuck in the house one by one. How many "Oh my God"'s will there be?

I will get annoyed by them, but somehow I will also not be able to stop watching them – like a car crash happening in ever so slow motion over the next couple of months.

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New Photos

May 14, 2006

New post in Photo Diary section, from Joshua's birthday BBQ yesterday.

Washing Day

May 10, 2006

wash_machine.JPGI have occasionally owned a washing machine. Thing is I just don’t see the point in them so they have never been a high priority for me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t smell (at least no one has ever said I do!) I have got used to dropping off a bag of clothes every couple of weeks at a launderette and getting them back the next day clean and folded and -usually- intact.

So why go to all that bother of sorting, loading, emptying, drying, forgetting, etc. Anyway, I have succumbed to the temptation of having a washing machine. Mainly because I was given one (second time this has happened -and I am grateful) which has been in the way in my hall for at least a year now.

There is also a complicated story about why I have needed to install this in a large walk in cupboard off the living room and why I couldn’t do that straight away, and why I kept procrastinating over doing this and finally painted and fixed up said cupboard… but I won’t go into that now.

I am simply celebrating (although that doesn’t seem an appropriate word) the fact that the washing machine is in and working! However, I now have damp clothes hanging all over the place :-(

Should you choose to accept it…

May 7, 2006

Another Movie night. Mission Impossible III, unfortunately it was the opening weekend so really busy and all we got was very front row, over to one side in a massive screen. I haven't sat that close to the front for a long time and half way though the film my seat collapsed – I'm not that heavy!

Anyway, the movie itself was great. It was a Tom Cruise movie, so you knew what to expect and it was a Mission Impossible film, so you know what to expect. Yes, so you know what to expect from this but there are nice touches, the usual twists and turns, etc. Worth catching on the big screen.

Movie poster view trailer

Luther Stickell
: He made it…he made it! [pauses] I knew he'd make it.

Better Quote from MI-2:
Mission Commander Swanbeck (Anthony Hopkins): Mr. Hunt, this isn't mission difficult, it's mission impossible. "Difficult" should be a walk in the park for you.

Busy Week

April 27, 2006

Friday 21-23 St Silas weekend at home – this was very good. Good teaching about church growth and cell group structure from Roger Simpson. There was a cabaret on Friday night, Quiz on Saturday, and BBQ on Sunday after the morning service. Lots of fun and great food.

In the afternoon a group of us went to hang out on the Cheung’s new deck as it was such a nice day and after thinking I had lost my camera I made the most of finding it by taking lots of photos.

Then tonight was a Men4Curry evening for some blokes from St Silas a good turn out for this sort of thing.


April 27, 2006


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Does the reflection tell us what Sarah is thinking about?

Page redirection

April 20, 2006

Now that this wordpress page has been set up I have redirected my domain to go directly here. To view the old pages up to this date a copy is here.