Event: Graeme Obree at the Mitchell

March 19, 2018

Part of the Aye Write Glasgow Book Festival the audience with Graeme Obree was all to short.  I wouldn’t say he is a polished public speaker, more a rambling stream of asides trying to find a narrative.

However it was funny, fascinating and all too short.  It would have been great to have listened to Graeme for much longer and hear more of his achievements and struggles.

Holiday: Center Parcs

March 19, 2018

Five days at Center Parcs Whinfell forest.  Yes we visited every day in the pool but did plenty of other things as well.  Among them the pottery painting and a ropes course.

Great place and particularly good at the moment when we can go during term time before Lewis starts school.

Holiday: Dalbeattie weekend

March 19, 2018

A weekend break in Dumfries and Galloway was just what we needed.  To be frank the weather sucked but we were mainly there because two of the best destinations for kids are in the area: Cream ‘o Galloway & the Cocoabean Factory.


Book: E.V. Seymour “Final Target (Josh Thane Thriller #2)”

March 19, 2018

A fantastic follow up to the previous novel “A Deadly Trade” the now ex-assassin Josh Thane has given up his life of murder and gone to ground.  When glamorous MI5 agent, McCallan, needs his help, Josh can’t resist being pulled back into the game.

Soon he realises that he is a target and not just him, but those closest to him. As crime bosses and intelligence officers are picked off one by one, McCallen disappears and Josh is faced with a choice that could make this mission his last: either he walks into the trap set for him, or McCallen dies.

I enjoyed this just as much as the first one and look forward to reading more from this author and with this character.

Book: E.V. Seymour “A Deadly Trade (Josh Thane Thriller #1)”

March 19, 2018

Fast paced thriller and first appearance of professional assassin Josh Thane. His next target is a British microbiologist breaking into her house, he discovers she is already dead.  As her son stumbles in, he shows weakness for the first time in his professional career and lets him go.  A single mistake that destroys everything he’s worked for and puts him and the boy in immediate danger.  The first twist is the attraction to the MI5 agent who is first on site.  The next is that his target is suspected of creating devastating chemical weapons.

Who ordered the kill?  Who is after Josh Thane now?  How can he get out of this situation and make things right?

A great read if a little over complicated in the end.