Book: Nelson DeMille “Night Fall”

June 28, 2017

Third John Corey book – an ex-NYPD now counter terrorist investigator.  I struggled with the first book being a bit too self indulgent and long winded but the stories are compelling and now that I’ve gotten to like the character I’m hooked.  In this book Corey is drawn into the five year old case of the downing of TWA flight 800 by his wife Kate Mayfield who was involved in the original investigation but isn’t satisfied with the official outcome.

As he starts to dig it becomes apparent that lots of people don’t want anything new to be found.  The ultimate conclusion of this story is a little disappointing as it is interrupted by the 9/11 attacks but this works very well as a story ark to the next book.  So as a stand alone novel I’m not sure this works but at a continuation and fleshing out of the main characters in this series it is good.