Book: Nelson DeMille “The Lion’s Game”

This is the second book in a series about the Ex-NYPD cop, John Corey, who we first met in the novel “Plumb Island“.  This story takes place just a few months after the events covered in Plumb Island and Corey is now part of the FBI Anti-Terrorist Task Force in New York City.  His team are to collect and escort a known terrorist, who has apparently become an informer, meeting him at JFK Airport.  However, when the flight lands (on auto pilot) everyone on board is dead.

In the unfolding investigation John Corey is always the first to jump to the correct assumptions, to figure out the terrorist behind it and believe that this isn’t the only thing he has traveled to the US to do.  A chase across the country begins – but as with my previous complaint about this author if feels difficult to use the word ‘chase’ ..  this should be a fast paced novel but several times it grinds to a halt.  But if you battle through that there is an interesting and compelling story which certainly kept me interested.

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