Book: Chris Froome “The Climb: The Autobiography”

Having recently read David Millar’s autobiography I wasn’t that keen to read another autobio – never mind another cycling one.  But for some reason I picked this up intending to just have a quick look and immediately got hooked.

Obviously, as an autobiography the book starts with Chris growing up in Kenya and how he was interested in cycling.  All of which was a great read.  The early Kenyan national team, commonwealth races and entry into the pro world is eye opening and fascinating.  However the latter part of the book when Chris is with Team Sky is when it really hots up.

The insight into Froome’s training, focus and determination is great but the stage descriptions are without doubt the best aspect of this book.  The stage by stage breakdown of a grand tour from the inside perspective is utterly fascinating to a cycling fan.  I would love to read more of this.  I was deeply disappointed when the book finished (when Chris Froom one the Tour de France for the first time in 2013) and would really like to read about what has happened since from this same insider view point.

I think Froome is very honest in this book, he pulls no punches about his relationship with other riders, in particular with Bradley Wiggins.  Also his attitude to dopping is clear and I really hope honest.  All in this is a fascinating book which opens up the world of pro cycling.  I would be interested to know how someone with no prior interest in cycling might read this but as a cycling fan it is a must read book.

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