Book: Lee Child “Make Me”

This is the 20th Jack Reacher novel and it has been a while since I’ve last read one of my favourite fictional characters.  The book opens in classic Reacher style with him getting off a train in a lonely outpost of “Mother’s Rest” for no real reason but just to find out why the place was named that.  He is the only person to get off the train in this place as there isn’t much to see.  However there is someone who is waiting to meet the train, Chang – a female, ex-FBI private detective.

Chang is in Mother’s Rest because her colleague has gone missing and was last known to be here.  Reacher checks into a motel and wonders around looking for the origin of why Mother’s Rest is called that – ready to get back on the train whether he finds out or not.  But Chang seeks his help and Reacher has noticed that many of the towns people have been watching him.

The whole story is simply classic Lee Child with gradual unfolding plot with lots of surprises.  It’s great to get back to this character again when you feel that you know his quirks and style.

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