Book: Robert Crais “The Promise”

February 23, 2017

Robert Crais has written 20 Novels, and I’ve just read them all back to back in 7 months.  The latest novel The Promise was released in January, so I’ve now caught up with Crais publications and need to move on to another author and new characters.  So how was the latest story?

bookAt first I was really worried Robert Crais was ‘jumping the shark’. Most of his works involve the characters of Elvis Cole and his silent partner Joe Pike as the main protagonists, although there have been a number of books with other main characters, such as the previous novel to this one, Suspect which was about a K-9 officer Scott James and his ‘partner’ Maggie.

In this story, while it is predominantly an Elvis Cole story, Joe Pike is involved as is Scott James and Maggie and even Jon Stone (who is a very occasional player but still gets chapters to himself here).  Crais often writes each chapter in first person from different protagonists point of view, including the bad-guy and Maggie, the dog!  So with all these players it was overwhelming and I do think he just had too may ‘main’ people in this.

That said it was still a very good thriller with exciting plot twists and complex plot.  Certainly worth reading and I am really glad I discovered this author and his characters.


Book: Robert Crais “Suspect”

February 5, 2017

One more novel from Robert Crais, this one a stand alone one with no cross over of characters from the other series.

bookLAPD cop Scott James is recovering after being shot and his partner being killed when they stumble into a killing.  He is just coming back on duty and training up as K9 cop, although he is probably still unfit for duty.  He meets Maggie, an ex-marine explosives detection dog who lost her partner (handler and in her view alpha-dog) in an attack where she was also shot.

Neither of them should be back on active duty but they find each other and become ‘pack’.  The story follows Scott’s determination to solve the case where he was shot but also how the dog and man become one unit and accept each other.

Robert Crais, style is often to switch who’s point of view he is writing from and in this story we are frequently in the position of the dog which makes things even more interesting.

I really enjoyed this story, which was sightly different from his other books.  Very well written novel.