Book: Robert Crais “Taken”

Another Elvis Cole and Joe Pike novel – and yes I will repeat myself this is a fast paced, page turning thriller.  I like this genre, I like this author and I like these characters.

bookIn this story Elvis is hired to find a missing daughter, but the reader already knows she was caught up in a people smuggling operation and is being held captive with her boyfriend.  As Cole investigates he discovers that not only are there a number of gangs bringing people across the border from Mexico to the US but there are also gangs stealing from those gangs as if the people are simply a commodity to be bargained with or killed.

As Cole gets closer he too is captured which puts Joe on the warpath and he is a character you don’t want on the warpath.  My only niggle with this book is the jumps around in the timeline of the story near the start of the book.  Other than that, another great read from Robert Crais!

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