Book: Robert Crais “The First Rule”

Just finished in time to count it in 2016..

bookAnother complex but compelling thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Here an old friend of Joe Pike is murdered so Joe gets involved.  Might expand later but actually trying to post before midnight  just to please my sense of completeness  :-)

As promised, a little more to remind me what this story was about.  Focused around Joe Pike, with a little help from his partner Elvis Cole, we get a little more insight into Joes mysterious mercenary work.  Joe hears of the death of one of his old company.  Murdered in an apparent house break.  Was his old friend involved in something he shouldn’t have been or did he manage to leave all the violence behind as everyone thought. 

With a strong, silent character like Joe it is interesting to see how much the reader can care about him and how much character there can be.

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