Movie: Stormy Weather (1943)

October 2016 (forgot to post at the time)

Using up tickets we were given months ago for GFT but found it difficult to get around to so when we had the opportunity to go we just chose the best available film and found this ‘gem’.  It was on as part of Black History Month and is (or should be) famous for a number of things, it is one of the only major Hollywood films of that time with an entirely black cast.  The film includes the most famous and iconic black singers and dancers of the time, such as Bill “Mr Bojangles” RobinsonLena HorneCab CallowayFats WallerThe Nicholas Brothers.

However, the movie itself suffers from being copied too many times.  While the acrobatic tap routine from the Nicholas Brothers is breathtaking we have seen it imitated a million times and with a modern perspective it is difficult to watch this and appreciate that this is the first time these moves were ever seen.  It also isn’t a very sophisticated or well executed plot as all it is really trying to do is keep things moving till there is an excuse for another song and dance number.  But putting that aside as a piece of history it is extraordinary, as a night out it was pleasant enough and viewed in the wonderful GFT.

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