Book: Robert Crais “Chasing Darkness”

December 21, 2016

Starting to run out of Robert Crais novels!  This book opens with a body being found and the police come to see Elvis Cole.  Some years ago Elvis was hired to investigate the alibi of a murder suspect, Lionel Byrd, for his bookdefense lawyer.  Elvis finds the evidence, the case is dropped and it is history, until Byrd kills himself while holding evidence of not only that murder but others both before and after Elvis helped him walk free.

So is everything as it appears, did Elvis make a mistake and is he responsible in some way for the further murders that took place?

As ever with these stories everything is fast paced and keeps you guessing as a complex plot unfolds.

Book: Robert Crais “The Watchman”

December 21, 2016

Most of Robert Crais novels (but not all) are in a series around the main character Elvis Cole, a private detective, and often helped by his partner Joe Pike.  This is the first outing where Pike takes the lead, which is an interesting twist.

bookIn a previous novel Pike had to agree to take on a job, any job, in order to get information he needed to save a life.  This novel is that payback.  Pike receives a call to take on a job to protect a witness – Larkin Barkley a spoilt, feisty daughter of a billionaire who saw something she shouldn’t have and has a team of people trying to kill her, even when in protection of the authorities they seem to be getting inside help.

Joe, with his inability to express emotion or say more than four words thrown together with Larkin is an interesting mix and Joe Pike can’t simply protect but needs to go after those who are trying to kill Larkin.  An excellent page turner and great to get inside Joe Pike’s head.

Book: Robert Crais “The Two Minute Rule”

December 21, 2016

The two minute rule refers to how long you can hope for during a bank robbery before the cops turn up.

A bank robber, Max Holman, served his time and is phased back into society… when his son (who he had no contact with and grew up to be a police officer) is killed by bank robbers.  Now, it’s been a few weeks since I read this and to be honest it was complex and I can’t remember the details.  The highlights however was the relationship between Max and the ex-FBI agent who caught him.

This is a one-off novel, not part of Robert Crais various series and is an excellent if a little complex read.  Page turner.