Book: Robert Crais “Hostage”

Continuing through Robert Crais novels, again as in the previous novel “Demolition Angel” this story is not part of his ongoing series with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.  This novel also sees a new writing style for Crais – I’m sure there’s a name for this but I don’t know enough about writing bookso need to describe it longform…   It is written in the first person but the person keeps changing.  We read from a gangbangers point of view his fear of holding up a store and trying to getaway, then from the Police chief’s point of view how to react to a potential hostage situation, then from the hostages point of view as the bad guys arrive in the house and how they deal with the unfolding drama.

So the writing style is great and keeps the pace up, but the story is amazing.  A hostage negotiater is burnt out and troubled by a negotiation gone bad so becomes a Police Chief in a small town …but then a hostage situation comes to him.  The bad-guys break down outside a house – where the hostage situation unfolds – that happens to be tied into the mob…  and more – so much more.

An incredibly fast paced page turner. Great book.

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