Book: Robert Crais “The Forgotten Man (Elvis Cole 10)”

November 28, 2016

Yes, one more Robert Crais book in the Elvis Cole series, and here again we explore some of the origin of Elvis Cole.

bookSix months after the events in The Last Detective where Elvis nearly lost everything he receives a call from the LAPD. The body of a man has been found and Elvis has been called to identify his father.  But Elvis Cole never knew his father and doesn’t believe this man has any connection to him.  But who was he and why was he killed?

The story enhances and deepens the character of Elvis Cole as well as being a stand-alone detective novel finding a murderer and who killed who.

As ever, this novel moves along at a great pace with snappy dialog, and great action scenes.

Book: Robert Crais “The Last Detective (Elvis Cole 09)”

November 28, 2016

Continuing Robert Crais novels we return to an Elvis Cole / Joe Pike story.

bookElvis Cole’s girlfriend, Lucy, is out of town, and she has left her young son Ben in Elvis’s care. Elvis and Lucy have had a few problems lately – not least over his job as a private investigator which somehow repeatedly puts her and her son in danger. But at last things seem to be getting better.

Then Ben is kidnapped and it appears that the kidnapper has a grudge with something from Cole’s past – which means we find out a lot more about Elvis Cole’s back story.

Again with Robert Crais this is excellent and clever plot that keeps moving.

Book: Robert Crais “Hostage”

November 28, 2016

Continuing through Robert Crais novels, again as in the previous novel “Demolition Angel” this story is not part of his ongoing series with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.  This novel also sees a new writing style for Crais – I’m sure there’s a name for this but I don’t know enough about writing bookso need to describe it longform…   It is written in the first person but the person keeps changing.  We read from a gangbangers point of view his fear of holding up a store and trying to getaway, then from the Police chief’s point of view how to react to a potential hostage situation, then from the hostages point of view as the bad guys arrive in the house and how they deal with the unfolding drama.

So the writing style is great and keeps the pace up, but the story is amazing.  A hostage negotiater is burnt out and troubled by a negotiation gone bad so becomes a Police Chief in a small town …but then a hostage situation comes to him.  The bad-guys break down outside a house – where the hostage situation unfolds – that happens to be tied into the mob…  and more – so much more.

An incredibly fast paced page turner. Great book.

Book: Robert Crais “Demolition Angel”

November 28, 2016

Continuing through Robert Crais novels, this one takes a different direction with a new female lead character, Carol Starkey.  Starkey was  a Los Angeles bomb squad officer, but having narrowly survived being blown up three years before the time of this story she is now a detective with LAPD’s Criminal Conspiracy Section.

bookThere is a lot more emotional writing in this novel with Starkey dealing with the trauma of surviving a bomb that killed her lover, the physical scars that had on her body and the possible new love interest if she can let herself trust.  Also an ongoing struggle with alcoholism isn’t helping focus her direction.

When a bomb call takes the life of another colleague, Carol embarks on an investigation which shows that there is actually a serial killer out to kill bomb technicians.