Book: Robert Crais “L.A. Requiem (Elvis Cole 08)”

November 27, 2016

Continuing through Robert Crais Elvis Cole novels, this really tops the action count!

bookIn this story we find out more about Pike’s background, why none of the LAPD trust him or want to work with him.  Karen Garcia is missing and Elvis is asked to look into it, but it turns out that she is an old flame of Pike… yes Pike has some character.  But it turns out the missing girl is part of a serial killers pattern – and the serial killer appears to be Pike.

Pike’s car, tattoos, style, weapons, everything points to Pike and that’s how the killer wants it to look.

Great read.

Book: Robert Crais “Indigo Slam (Elvis Cole 07)”

November 27, 2016

Working my way through Robert Crais books, this one another Elvis Cole novel.

bookOpening with Elvis being approached by three kids wanting him to find their father who has been missing for longer than ‘usual’.  Turns out the family should have been in federal protection but didn’t feel safe so are on their own.  The children are more or less taken care of their selves.

Complex plot that keeps moving along at pace, good read.