Book: Robert Crais “The Monkey’s Raincoat”

Following more than a year of reading all Michael Connelly novels then searching for a new author/character to follow, I might just have found it.  Robert Crais first novel published in 1987 “The Monkey’s Raincoat” introduced Private Investigator Elvis Cole and his enigmatic partner, Joe Pike.

bookIn this story Ellen Lang comes to Cole to find her showbiz agent husband Mart and their son.  She doesn’t want the cops involved, so Elvis starts looking for the missing pair.  When Mort’s body is found and it’s time for Elvis to call in his partner Joe Pike – lethal fellow Vietnam vet who left the LAPD under a cloud.

As the plot unravels they get involved with a former matador drug dealer, a Miami mob don.  As they build the case, Ellen’s self-esteem builds, transforming her from woman unable to cope without her husband’s lead into an avenging angel.

The books is fast paced, funny at times, keeps you guessing and wanting to turn the page.

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