Book: John Sandford “The Fool’s Run”

The second book by John Sandford sees a different character/group of characters which is the start of another series of books – at least looking back at his early books knowing now that many more were written.  I’m hunting for a new author after binging on the same book series for over a year.  I’m not yet sure this is the right one.

bookThis book has a group of dispirit characters – Kidd , Lu Ellen, Dace , Maggie and a mysterious remote hacker Bobby (who is so lightly drawn that he is really an obvious tool for the writer to drop in plot changes with little effort.  Everythings going bad – Bobby instant message saying he has fixed it – job done.

The hacking stuff is rubbish, the characters are boring, plot slow and disconnected.  Stuff just happens with little reason.  Not great.

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